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50 Derpy Australian Shepherds That Prove They’re The Cutest Dogs Ever

We don’t deserve these majestic creatures.

They love us wholeheartedly and are loyal; to us even when we are cruel to them. However, we have dogs so why appreciate them more. While every breed of dog is equally deserving of love. Everyone has an opinion on what breed they vibe with best. However, I think everyone can agree on the little fact that Australian Shepherds are just a little derpier than others.


From the adorable looks they give you to their mesmerizing smile, they have it all. That is why today we have set out to prove to everyone that Australian shepherds are the cutest dogs ever. You can fight with me on that but why would you want to when you can better spend your time staring at the cuteness below?

#1 ‘No, Don’t take it away!’

Via YouThought

Give her a cookie and tell her it was just a bad dream. -Ciara Reed

#2 Those are his babies now.

Via matttjonez

Floof content off the scale. -stellermatt

#3 That smile is just gorgeous.

Via wakeuptomorrow

#4 He looks adorable either way.

Via aliciathehomie

Why would you give an Australian shepherd to a groomer?? -Katinka Min

#5 What happened? Cat got your tongue?

Via dog_rates

These are heartwarming and amazing! The concentration and caring, yet the playfulness and love between the two is truly more than words can say. This wins FIRST PRIZE at our house! Beautiful. -Julie Lynn

#6 When you’re little sibling is taller than you.

Via lostdrunkpuppy

What happened to knowing your place, you little sh…… -Emmy Funke

#7 He loves that stick.


Yes, you most certainly have found a Schtick. -Jan Mazzulla

#8 Brother from another mother.

Via fletcherandopal

#9 What a transformation.

Via PandaPortal

You both grew up to be pretty handsome. -Rachel Rosky

#10 The best flower.

Via Carl_Gordon_Jenkins

My girlfriend made me go with her to the flower shop. Wasn’t thrilled until this dude showed up and sat in front of me.

#11 I am getting cuteness overload.

Via ChiefBroChill

The greatest dog ever came into my work today. Kodak the Australian Shepard.

#12 When you’re too cool for your friends.

Via teri_dactyl

#13 The pose is beautiful.

Via kodiaktheaussie

This is the best photo I’ve ever taken…it’s all downhill from here folks!

#14 I think the bone is a bit too big.

Via HamsterOnAGoat

#15 Look at his crossed legs.

Via ShagMeyer

Meet Indy he’s my 8 week Mini Aussie Shepherd. He finally sat still for a second and I got this pic.

#16 ‘I was waiting for you!’

Via belatedpajamas

#17 He will take care of them.

Via nomopyt

We found some kitties emerging from under the shed during a tornado warning. Our five month old Aussie seems to have adopted them. I give you Abby and the catbabies.

#18 He knows exactly how majestic he looks.

Via BreakYourThings

#19 The smile says it all.

Via erisedwild

Was trying to sneak a photo when this pretty girl suddenly turned around and flashed me this big smile.

#20 That snoot needs a boop.

Via JurrasicParfait

#21 If it first, I sit.

Via tVoreQ

How my dog has changed in last 2+ years.

#22 Time for a nap?

Via geronimo_mo

#23 I don’t see a dog here.

Via Meunderwears

#24 My first time when I ate peanut butter as well.

Via FaceOff51

First taste of peanut butter…aaaand he’s addicted.

#25 Damn, he is a handsome doggo.

Via JurrasicParfait

#26 Perfectly cozy.

Via aussies_angels

There’s just something about sleeping dogs that I love. -Peter Cooley

#27 She knows what’s up.

Via jizzmae

Took my Aussie for a walk today! Got this shot of her as I was about to throw her ball.

#28 The side tilt is adorable.

Via queondawey

#29 When you’re too tired to do anything.

Via greenvalleyaussies

#30 Even silly faces look cute on him.

Via levanrog

His school pictures came out better than mine every did! -Chicago Kitty

#31 The beautiful twins.

#32 Look at that floofy butt!

Via basselopes

Proud to be an Aunt for this adorable Aussie pupper. Meet Roo!

#33 Not going to sit ladylike.

Via house.of.koda

#34 When you’re excited to go for a walk.

Via aussies_angels

Ball? Stick? Belly rubbbbbbs !?! What a day.

#35 True love right here.

Via atlas.aries.aussies

#36 This is called doga.

Amazing! The dog has better form than me!! -Jodi Ellis

#37 ‘Mom, Am I pretty?’

Via teenyaussies

#38 Dogs sure do like getting dirty.

Via SWendels

How fast can an Aussie become a swamp monster?

#39 The sun is doing him many favors.

Via cantlikethat

#40 His neck was tired.

Via bmonke304

This looks like a good spot to rest my eyes.

#41 When you see snow for the first time.

Via abazabaaaa

#42 Beach is always the way to go.

Via swansons_typewriter

Judging by his expressions, I think he prefers the beach. -Pi…

#43 Time for snow angels.

Via kaycee302

#44 When you’re not used to hugs.

Via geronimo_mo

When mom says ‘hug your brother’ but you look really awkward while doing it.

#45 The face you want to see every day.

Via SeriouslyImKidding

That face! We don’t deserve dogs! -Leslie Crowley

#46 Are you sure, you’re the one walking them?

Via dmt-tripping

Ill never get tired of walking these.

#47 No more pictures!


Is he giving you “the paw”? -Joan Taylor

#48 ‘Don’t you see, I am getting older!’

Via PhilosophicSloth

It was my pups second birthday the other day. He wasn’t thrilled with all the pictures.

#49 ‘My legs get tired easily.’

Via gunnarminiaussie

Sometimes walking is hard. But I’m always happy when mom carries me the rest of the way!

#50 ‘The sofa sure is comfy.’

Via lost.with.luna

Have we managed to convince you that Australian shepherds are the cutest dogs ever? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so others can enjoy the adorable images as well.


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