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21 Pics That Will Make You Go ”What Are The Odds?’

Life can be so unpredictable sometimes.

You never know what’s going to happen next. One small thing leads to another and you find yourself in places you never thought you could reach. I’m sure you’ve had some moments in life in which you have asked yourself “How did I get myself in this situation?” Well, that’s just how life works sometimes. You can’t figure it out. You can’t break the code. You just have to accept it and let it take you with the flow. Life is weird and it is what it is. Take it or leave it.

You might not understand whether it was fate or just dumb luck, but you’ll witness a lot of moments in life that’ll make you think “What are the odds?” Trust me, it is also one of the greatest moments in life. Thank God for the Internet, people can share their weird and crazy moments with all of us. Scroll down below to see 21 pics that will make you go “What are the odds?”:

1. I’m a woodturner & found a lovely bowl in a vintage store, made by the guy who inspired me as a kid. On closer inspection I felt the bowl was very familiar, so I flipped through the very book that inspired me, 31 years ago, & there it was!


2. I took the photo before 1|3 symbol appeared on his phone screen.



3. Was swiping at the dispensary when I looked up and saw the girl I was about to swipe on.



4. How is this even possible?!


5. That hit the spot, literally.


6. We were seconds away from losing our home to the California fire. Thank you to all the firefighters that saved our community!



7. This is a tomato that accidentally grew inside of the fence.



8. These burned out lights perfectly align.



9. My brother hit every pin except 7 8 9 and 10. How odd is that?



10. What goes around, comes around.


Fate is a funny thing. I bet some of these people never expected anything like this to happen in their lives, but here they are! Life can be so bizarre at times, you just can’t understand it, neither can you always control it. Some of these stories seem so impossible but they have actually happened. What were the odds? Let’s just not discuss the odds. Scroll down below for more crazy stories:

11. Sisters reuniting.

12. Taking down an aircraft like a boss.


13. Oh. Cheddar Man had nothing to do with cheese.

14. Not sure if that is good luck or bad luck.


15. None of their feet are touching the floor.


16. These flamingos seem a little self-obsessed.


17. How close this was.


18. Score is 69 to 69 with 69 seconds and the white jerseys add up to 69.



19. My Coca-Cola bottlecap’s alphanumeric code was 69XP0RN


20. Twins married twins to give birth to other twins.



21. Robinhood is at it again.

Have you ever had a “What are the odds?” moment? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!


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