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19 Of The Interesting Pictures That Prove Universe Has A Little Surprise For Everyone

Universe has its ways of surprising us with its beautiful creations.

Sometimes, the most unexpected things turn out to be beautiful and not only do they look beautiful but they amaze us. From a cat having a beautiful sign made on his face to the water drops that give us an illusion of planets, the universe has its ways of leaving us in awe. There are such times in life when unexpected coincidences happen to us and no doubt, such coincidences are jaw-dropping. Here, we have a compilation of beautiful pictures that will prove to you that the universe has a surprise for everyone. Scroll down below and enjoy the interesting pictures.


1. This whole family was found in the trash.

© Westcoast-Mariner / Reddit

2. “My anemone latched onto the head of the duck ornament in my sea tank, giving it beautiful long hair.”


© stevierar / Imgur

3. Same shirt with and without the camera flash.


© EHSAN46 / Reddit

4. My friend is getting his house painted and the painter looks like Brad Pitt.


© TmlzMiso / Reddit

5. Landlords need to stop painting over cockroaches.


© hackergirl888 / Reddit

6. Rebel alliance for the breakfast.


© kingjim1981 / Reddit

7. We have an unexpected guest at the door.


© SnooObjections8392 / Reddit

8. Baby grasshoppers.


© Omnimite / Reddit

9. “A seagull perched perfectly on a red light”.


© Diablo_Sandwich / Reddit

10. This beautiful kitty has the number 1 written on his forehead.


© kramlite / Imgur

We love kitties and surprises. If you look at this cat a little closer, you will notice, she has number 1 written on her forehead. What a unique feature she has! How beautiful does this number 1 make her look! Don’t you think there must have been a specific reason behind her getting this feature? Well, we believe this sign tells the world that she is the number 1 kitty. She doesn’t have to tell it to the world. It’s written on her face.

11. My dad’s 18-feet tall flower.

© lacheur / Imgur

12. No one believed I could grow a pineapple.


© iis4isaac / Imgur

13. The tap water is running even though we haven’t turned the tap on.

© GivemTheClampsClamps / Reddit

14. A family friend went camping, heard strange noises at night and this is what was happening outside.


© Deplorable_17 / Reddit

15. This is not a picture of planets, it is a picture of bubbles that look like planets.

© shanun / Imgur

16. Meet our Batman.


© Jay1013 / Reddit

17. The tri-colored leaf.

© enken90 / Reddit

18. One single tomato plant.


© Deror_avi / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain

19. “My cat lined up perfectly with the deer skull on my porch!”

© 12dianaprince / Imgur

This adorable catto has accidentally paired with these horns but we can not control ourselves to appreciate her for looking magnificent with the deer horns. Such accidents surprise us and we do not mind getting such surprises. Tell us in the comments if you have ever been surprised by the universe? If yes, comment down below!


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