People Share Wholesome Stories Of Their Cats Finally Choosing Them

Winning a cat’s heart is not easy.

We all know cats are a little more reluctant to be affectionate towards their owners than other pets. This is just in their nature. They are naturally suspicious about everything and everyone around them and ask for their own space. They need time to adjust to their surroundings and choose someone to trust. I guess they have trust issues just like you and I. Apart from that, some cats have a very traumatic past. They have been through animal abuse or had been abandoned by their previous owners so the new owners need to be very patient and put up a lot of effort to win their new fur baby’s heart. It is not easy and not everyone has the patience to do so. If you will force them to cuddle with you, you will probably end up with a scratch or two on your face. The trick is to care for them, feed them, and wait for them to approach you themselves. Once they finally approach you by sitting on your lap without you calling them, you know you have won their trust and they have chosen you. It is a moment to celebrate as it is considered a victory for cat owners.
People on Reddit shared their stories of when their cats finally decided to choose them and the stories are entirely wholesome. You would know their joy and happiness if you were in their shoes. Scroll down below to read wholesome stories of cats finally choosing their owners:


1. They still need cuddles.


2. All cats need their space.


u/jaodositio , u/hoverton

3. That’s so cute.



4. Patience does pay.



These just bring joy to your heart, don’t they? Having to wait so long to gain the love and trust of your little fur baby and finally get some from them is a huge achievement. There is nothing better than having a cat you can cuddle up with. The wait is all worth it in the end. There are still more stories left for you to read. Scroll down below for more wholesome stories:

5. Wouldn’t mind them sitting on me.



6. Worth it.



7. Fluffy cuddles are the best thing ever.



8. You’re the special one.



9. Happens to every cat owner.


10. Sleepy humans are better than waking humans.


11. It takes time but the end result is the best thing ever.



12. You’re his cat now.



How and when did your cat choose you? How did you feel at that moment? Share your stories with us in the comments below.


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