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Woman Cancels Thanksgiving Due To Sister-in-law’s Dietary Restrictions

AITA is a popular subreddit where people post stories of events where they do something questionable and ask if they are, in fact, the bad person in the equation. The acronym stands for “Am I The A**hole?” where the user ends recalling the story with the aforementioned question. Now, what happened with this woman who is going around on Reddit (Currently with over 12k upvotes!) who canceled a Thanksgiving dinner because of the sister-in-law?


It’s all right here. She created a throwaway account with a very arbitrary number, and at the time of writing, this was posted less than a week ago. There, she tells the story of how the SIL (sister-in-law) goes after every new fad diet and so, she got sick of it. A few other things also happened, but I’m not going to tell the story of them, she can tell the story better! Read yourself!

Source: Reddit

It started with this

Then the brother got into it


So she asked Reddit


User glittereggs had this to say:

NTA. You didn’t cancel the meal as there’s an open invite. You just cancelled cooking a separate meal for Thanksgiving.

If your mom is so upset, she can either a) Host Thanksgiving herself; b) come over to your place and cook Julie’s meal so the responsibility doesn’t fall on you, the person who’s already cooking a meal; or c) ask your brother and sister-in-law to host Thanksgiving so all of Julie’s dietary wants can be met.

And user PaleDaleFails added:

Great answer!

I think the wording of “canceling” Thanksgiving, and then inviting everyone, didn’t exactly make sense and was needlessly provocative. You are having Thanksgiving at your house, and everyone is invited to come if they agree to your limits/boundaries. It makes sense to have clear boundaries in our lives and you are NTA for asserting yours.

And everyone was on her side


User WantDastardlyBack made a good point:

NTA – Honestly, with COVID rates skyrocketing most everywhere, many state leaders are asking people to not hold Thanksgiving gatherings anyway. I know my state is back to urging gatherings of no more than two families and no more than 10 people period. I’d just go with – canceling because of COVID – and be done with it.

To which user bunchesaway added:

This is the comment I was looking for and I can’t believe I had to scroll as long as I did. Cancel Thanksgiving because over a thousand people are dying a day! This is a non issue for this year. Cancel because of covid and tell her that this is her warning for next year to make her own damn food. ESH.

Some explained their own perspectives


And there wasn’t much controversy


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