Karen Blows Up On text Over Not Getting Airpods Pro As A Gift For Her Child

I hope that these text messages are fake.

If not then we as a society are regressing rather than moving forward. I am sure everyone knows about the infamous Karen’s that roam on this world we call Earth. You know the ones who peddle essential oils as cancer cures and are always wanting to talk to the manager. While I do feel sorry for the women who are named Karen and are not like this. It’s really not about people named Karen.


The name Karen has just become synonymous with people with short ‘mom’ hair with sometimes poorly done streaks in them and a rude attitude. If you see a Karen coming your way, you better run as far away as you can. But since this conversation was on text, this poor guy got the brunt of it.

The supposed ‘Karen’ here was upset about a huge emergency.

Apparently the GIFT that he bought for her CHILD wasn’t satisfactory in her eyes.


The self-entitlement is on a whole new level here. I am pretty sure she is using them herself and wants the more expensive version. Honestly, this guy was too nice to get a 15-year-old AirPods. A gift is a gift and the price of it should never matter.

I think this woman is the one who needs to calm down. It’s a gift take it or leave it.


Right. Because Lavender oil can totally cure everything.


Don’t get me wrong, Even I use essential oils but just because I like the smell and they can help me sleep better. No one should inhale them or put them on their skin without a carrier oil. I honestly can’t understand why people think a drop of oil can cure a disease.

At least this guy got to say what he wanted at the end.


What do you think of this text conversation? Do you think it was real or was it faked? Whatever it was, I think this conversation should be the poster for the Karen Reddit. It encapsulates them perfectly.


What do you think?