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Woman Left Her Cat Alone For Five Days And Cat Owners Are Furiously Calling Her Out

These people have no chill.

The thought alone makes us shudder when it comes to leaving our beloved pets alone for a couple of days. We can get into many situations in our lives where we have no other option but to leave our pets alone. One might be unable to afford pet daycare or they might not have anyone to babysit their pet. Some think it is totally unacceptable and some think the animal can survive on its own for a couple of days. But most people think it is the cruelest thing an owner can do to their pet.


It all started when this TikTok user @slappyzacky uploaded a video that said she was leaving her cat alone for five days with a lot of food and litterboxes for her comfort. You can watch her video on her Tiktok Account. It made many people angry and they started commenting very harsh things to her. To the point where she started deleting those and people decided to take this matter to another platform to discuss it with users there. Some also took her side by defending her and said it is not a big deal for a cat to live on its own. Keep on scrolling down to read all of those comments down below…

1. The commenting is full of people with their own different opinions but mostly enraged ones.

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2. She did all the preparation before leaving.


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3. That sounds like a helpful thing.


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4. Some people took the discussion to Twitter and people did not hold back from taking out their anger there as well.


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5. That was a little too aggressive. No wonder why the woman kept deleting the hurtful and negative comments.


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6. He has a point.


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It is definitely a very complicated and stressful situation to be in, you just can not pick one side because both opinions make sense. It is not okay to just abandon your pet and live it in an unsafe environment knowing very well that there are things around the house that can hurt them or that the pet can hurt itself unintentionally. There are just so many fears a pet owner has, there are just so many negative thoughts about what can go wrong if we were to leave our beloved pets unsupervised for days that it becomes absolutely impossible to leave them alone. On the other side, if you take all the precautions, leave multiple food and litter boxes for the pet just like the TikTok user did, keep it in a safe place where you make sure there are no sharp objects or anything that can hurt the pet then I think it is okay to leave the pet alone for a few days if it is your only option. But first, we must try our best and look for daycares, ask a reliable person to catsit or any other option than leaving it alone. Keep on scrolling down to read more comments…

7. Some people also defended the woman and thought what she did was absolutely normal.


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8. Some even gave her tips to try next time she does this.


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9. Some people tried to help her with advice.


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It is a very difficult thing to do and to even think about but I can understand the owner’s complicated situation. No owner would want to do that to their beloved pet unless they were completely helpless. What is your opinion on this matter? Tell us in the comments down below…


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