Woman Wants To Break-Up With Her BF Who Consider Her His ‘Everything’

Taking care of yourself is not being selfish.

I know I myself have felt this way many times. Feeling selfish for essentially spending money on your well-being and feeling like your wasting it somehow. However, that is not okay and it is recommended to put yourself first once in a while. It is not being selfish, it just means you care about yourself. I am not saying caring about others is a bad thing but it can be awful when they become dependent upon you.

That is exactly what this woman is going through. She has essentially taken care of her boyfriend for many years with him not even shouldering his side of their weights. Understandably this has left her feeling tired and broken and she wants to move on. But how can someone do this without devastating the other person?

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Right from the stat, we can see he just stayed at the same place throughout all her achievements.

Anyone would get tired after dealing with this sort of situation for so long.


And it is clear she still cares for him in some way but she has had enough.


Unsurprisingly, people were quite supportive and urged her to go ahead with this.


It is clear that he needs it as much as she does maybe even more.


It isn’t gonna be easy but it is the right thing to do for both of you.


However, things don’t end here as we have an update on what happened after.


It was quite hard for him to come to the understanding that he needed to move on.


However, she stayed strong throughout it all and she is finally where she wants to be.


I needed to hear this. I still don’t have your strength but I need to hear this and I need to find it in me too.

I am not surprised to hear (as you share in a comment) that your now ex-boyfriend, despite his promises, did not follow through.

Congratulations on your success and I hope that you have a happy future. –thefallenaingel

And she also ends it with good advice for many people that might need it in the future.


Other Redditors were quick to offer support and share their own experiences.

It doesn’t always end the way you want but it depends on the individual.


Some people are like that, in that they can’t bear to be alone so they jump into a relationship with the first person that comes along. Sounds like your ex is one of those people.

My ex is 100% like this, she’s in her 20s and hasn’t been without a boyfriend for more than a couple of months since she was 14. As a result, she literally has no idea how to be single since she’s just so used to being with someone at all times. In a way, I suppose it’s a form of co-dependency. –puppy2010

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