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20 Disappointed People Describe The Worst Birthday Gifts They Ever Received

Almost everyone experiences a gradual change in perception towards birthdays the more birthdays they experience in their lives. For most of us, after the heart-shaped glasses are taken off from our eyes as we enter adulthood, birthdays start to become less about the fun parties and colorful banners and more about the money you’ll hopefully receive as a gift to help you survive that week in comfort. Even in the case of the less despaired and less broke individuals, it is true that birthdays can oftentimes cost us more emotionally than they hold the capability to compensate for. The feigned surprise at the birthday party you knew your friends were about to throw for you and the awkward happy birthday song you must smile at can all be taken with a pinch of salt, sure. But when it to comes to the part where you have to unbox the presents you received, that’s where things can get tricky.


Gifts can either make or break your big day. They can either overwhelm you with positivity and happiness or make your day so much worse. It’s true that no matter what our thoughts about birthdays are when we sit down with our unopened presents none of us can help the growing anticipation and hope inside our hearts. There are many cases when this hope has been broken ruthlessly by people’s hilariously unthoughtful and bizarre gifts.

The Reddit user u/sulemannkhan asked the r/AskReddit community to share the worst birthday gifts they have ever received. Their responses will leave you surprised and might even make you endlessly more grateful the next time you receive a gift that you would’ve otherwise felt like frowning at. Take a look at these bizarre experiences of these Reddit users on their birthdays.

Via u/sulemannkhan

1. This is going to be interesting!

2. Honestly, it’s a pretty big surprise to unwrap a present and find your own scarf inside the wrapping paper. But on the bright side at least her mom wrapped it up.


Don’t have to be so negative about everything, right? lol

3. An Asian mom not giving extra homework is a big deal and therefore a valuable and rare gift.


You must truly appreciate this, in my opinion.

4. When you forget to buy someone a gift for their birthday and just wrap the first thing you see around without thinking


But that “hair in the brush” part was … ridiculous.

5. It’s highly likely they thought you were a hygiene enthusiast


Plus, what do you expect? You were 12.

6. Not sure whether to laugh at it or cry about it.


But it IS hilarious.

7. These grandparents must have found a great deal on vice grippers from a wholesale shop


We can see the frustration and we understand.

8. This wholesome spatula story will surely make you appreciate the art of gift-giving a bit more


9. Can you guess what the reason was for this dude to gift his girlfriend with his own passport?


I’m still curious to know the reason behind this gift. I have already started to make theories in my head.

10. How was this major red flag not enough to convince the Reddit user to dump their ex?


I don’t understand how some people can be so heartless? And why do they even have to get into a relationship in the first place if you are not even serious about it.

11. It’s the thought that counts

Maybe you could just wrap the fabric on your legs, no?

12. Bold of you to assume your opinion on your birthday cake is of any value


Basically, the cake is never for you. It’s for the people. Period.

13. Well, that’s a shitty present.

Like, literally shitty.

14. Grandparents can be so endlessly precious sometimes


15. This poor kid got gifted with the news of his parent’s separation on his 18th birthday

Sure he’s never forgetting his birthday now.

16. This mom has a cruel sense of humor playing with her daughters feeling like that


I mean… a banana? WHY?

17. A display of narcissism at its finest

I mean, it would be better if she would just GIVE it to you instead. Then you would definitely be happy about it. You are just sad cause you didn’t get the pictures but you could just see them. More of a tease.

18. Really makes you wonder how big the blender had to have been for him to mistake it for an electric guitar


We can feel the frustration.

19. Getting a tattoo on yourself of your own star sign has got to be the worst possible gift you could give to your son

20. Maybe it is the bees’ way of showing appreciation for your existence on your special day


Every once in a while, life brings us opportunities to rejoice in each other’s happiness and have a little fun in the sun. But sometimes through little fault of our own, we get these opportunities ruined for us by external factors. It is still important however to realize that although many people’s actions may let us down every once in a while, at the end of the day we always have a trustworthy shoulder to lean on. Whether it’s a mom who buys you the game you’ve been wanting all year for your birthday even though your dad didn’t do it for you or it’s your friends buying you a spatula as a gag gift to bring a smile to your face on your special day. Through the ups and downs of life, there are always ways to be grateful for all our blessings and if we start to focus on these things, we will end up profoundly happier and more satisfied.

We hope you enjoyed going through all of these stories of people that received hilariously bad gifts for their special day. Surely you must have some disastrous birthday stories or two of your own. Whether it’s a friend of yours with an interesting story to relay or even your own experience with receiving disappointing gifts. Let us know all about them in the comments section below. We would absolutely love to hear everything about them.


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