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Redditor Ditches Her Birthday Dinner To Avoid Her Bully Sibling, Asks If They Are Wrong For Making The Family Upset

TinyPenguinPotato, a user on Reddit and also today’s OP, is basically contemplating not attending a birthday dinner planned by her family. They want the celebration to help her smooth over a recent conflict that happened between the family. It began in her childhood, when her family would frequently dismiss her feelings and priorities compared to those of her older siblings. Now, on her birthday dinner, OP’s narcissistic and crazy sister who has recently become a mother – planned to bring the baby to her dinner. OP cut contact with their sister a long time ago, so this was especially triggering to hear….. Keep on scrolling to find out the whole story:


Source: u/TinyPenguinPotato

#1) Is OP in the wrong for this?

#2) OP has always been treated lesser than her sister who was a bully. Two years ago, OP cut her off.


#3) OP’s sister even created a scene the night before OP’s wedding and frequently throws tantrums.


#4) OP’s sister gave birth recently and OP’s family changed their plans to accommodate the baby.


#5) OP noted that their sister only reaches out when she needs something and OP is done being a doormat.


#6) OP’s family would consider them in the wrong for this.


Siblings can truly be both a source of love and joy, and a pretty big burden. They bring entertainment and socialization opportunities but are also very likely to undermine the attention we receive and in some cases, complicate our lives. Siblings are obviously unique individuals with their own thoughts and feelings, just like we are. We can’t get along with everyone on this planet, and for some people this statement also includes their siblings. However, it is absolutely not okay to mistreat them just because we are related to them and might be able to get away with it. Here’s what other Redditors are saying about the situation:

Source: u/TinyPenguinPotato

#7) That’s absolutely true. OP needs to protect themselves.


Via CleanCucumber620

#8) Listen to that therapist, girl!


Via misledgorilla

#9) It’s definitely turned into something else entirely.


Via Kisses4Kimmy

#10) A lot of Redditors suggested open communication but we’re not sure how that will work out for OP’s unique situation.


Via yesnomaybe123

#11) Be firm and precise.

Via Jacqtjakaa

#12) That’s true! Gotta find the chosen family.


Via Chemical_Ad_5043

#13) The day is all about you, OP.

Via Malipom

#14) Maybe OP should consider icing their family out.


Via eventhorizon130

#15) OP doesn’t owe anyone their presence.

Via bruins_fan

#16) Poor kid, stuck with a narcissitic mother.


Via HalcyonDreams36

#17) OP should think about this and let us know!

Via ImposterSyndrome412

#18) Staying at home sounds better anyway.


Via slendermanismydad

#19) I hope OP’s parents will be more careful.

Via aspralav

#20) Stay home and be happy!


Via OMG-WTF_45

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