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Artist Portrayed Zodiac Signs As Witches With Their Cats & Results Are Amazing

This just might be worth getting into the zodiacs for. 

Everyone has their own belief system when it comes to Zodiac and whatever you may believe you can’t deny that they are pretty cool. Especially the way each and every zodiac is portrayed with different majestic drawings highlighting unique characteristics with Geminin always being two-faced and Capricorn having horns.


However used to we have gotten to these facts, you can’t deny the excitement each time a new rendition of the zodiac signs comes along that reinvents the whole wheel. Now, I am well aware I might be overdramatizing these artful work but that is what the zodiacs are all about. And I have to admit the artist did a great job bringing every zodiac to life.

If you never thought you wanted zodiac signs as witches with their cats, you have it now anyway. And you are bound to be mesmerized. So scroll on below and take a look.

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#1 Capricorn.

#2 Virgo.


This is what Vivien Szaniszlo (the artist) had to say about her artwork.

I would like to share with you my new astrology series. In this series, I focused on witches and cats. I have adopted four cats. My favorite one was so little and weak when I found her. Now she’s my best friend and she’s always with me when I paint.

This kitty inspired me a lot. I tried to capture the features of each zodiac sign in an indirect and mysterious way. I hope you enjoy my work!

#3 Libra.


#4 Aquarius.


#5 Taurus.


#6 Cancer.


Each and every zodiac sign has it’s unique characteristics intact while still expanding on the idea with a new twist. Now, I don’t know about you but if I ever talk about the zodiac I am definitely using these representations.

#7 Gemini.


As Amber puts it.

I see how one side of her personality is attracting a bunch of friends and then making them run away from her because of her other side. Lol the two faced stereotype.

Then the ring in their mouths makes me think shes going back on the things she said before or she goes around in circles with her decisions or moods? Or that gemini is using communication to attract them then lose them.

All of these are super deep

#8 Pisces.


#9 Scorpio.


#10 Sagittarius.


#11 Leo.

I see what she did there. As it turns out all Leo’s are just cats hiding underneath the face. I have many friends that are Leo’s and I can attest that this is indeed very true.

#12 Aries.


Which one of these did you like the best? Why not comment down below with which one is your star and what do you think the artwork relating to that represents?


What do you think?