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12 Actors Who Made The Movies Much Better By Making Changes To The Script

12 Actors Who Made The Movies Much Better By Making Changes In The Script And Scenes

Sometimes, actors get so much involved in their characters that they jump into action and insist on making changes to the script.

Sometimes, the script does not deliver the right emotions according to the story of the film so little changes are made to make the scenes look more realistic. Sometimes these changes are made by directors and sometimes, actors raise their voices. They suggest making little changes in the script or scenes to add strength to their character. Here, we have 12 actors and actresses who made these movies so much better with their changes. Scroll down to have a look at them.

1. Elizabeth Olsen wanted to wear canon costume in WandaVision while the creators didn’t want her to wear the costume which was associated with the X-Men mutants.


Source: © WandaVision / Marvel Studios

Elizabeth Olsen wore the costume for the first time in the Halloween episode of the series and then she continued wearing this costume for the rest of the series.

2. Maya Hawke insisted on making her character gay in stranger things because the actress thought that Robin couldn’t fall in love with Steve.


Source: © Stranger Things / Netflix and co-producers

3. The most touching moment of the film “Pride and Prejudice” was the idea of Matthew Macfadyen. It was his idea that Mr. Darcy will first take Elizabeth Bennet’s hand.


Source: © Pride & Prejudice / Universal Pictures and co-producers

4. Chris Hemsworth had to spend two hours in the makeup room on his wig, he got tired of it and suggested having short hair in Thor: Ragnarok.


Source: East News, © Roman Samborskyi /

5. Do you know that the scene in Gladiator where Emperor Marcus Aurelius asks Maximus to describe his home was not a part of the original script?


Source: © Gladiator / Universal Pictures and co-producers

Russel Crowe wanted his character in Gladiator to be more believable. Russel Crowe insisted on depicting his own farm in Australia which made the scenes more realistic.

6. The creators wanted David Tenant to wear shoes that match his striped suit but he insisted on wearing old, beat-up Converse.


Source: © Doctor Who / BBC Studios and co-producers

7. Do you know that the famous scene from “Love Actually” where Emma Thompson cries, thinking her husband cheated on her was not a part of the original script and was improvised?

Source: © Love Actually / Universal Pictures and co-producers

The scene was improvised by the actress.

8. Matt Smith improvised a scene in House of the Dragon:


Source: © House of the Dragon / HBO and co-producers

In a scene, where King Viserys I Targaryen ascended the throne, stumbled on his way and lost his crown. Matt Smith, Visery’s brother, came and helped him put his crown back on to show that these brothers were at peace again.

9. The heartbreaking dinner scene between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in “La La Land” was improvised by the actors.

Source: © La La Land / Summit Entertainment and co-producers

The romantic dinner scene was difficult to execute when the couple had contradictions and their break-up was evident so Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone improvised it.

10. In the farewell scene from “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, where the 3 Spider-Man hugged each other, was Tom Holland’s idea.


Source: © Spider-Man: No Way Home / Marvel Studios and co-producers

Tom Holland insisted to add this scene to thank Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield for coming back to the franchise.

11. Zoë Kravitz insisted to have long nails for her character in Batman to make her character look beautiful and scary at the same time.

Source: © The Batman / Warner Bros. and co-producers

12. In Halloween Kills, Jamie Lee Curtis insisted on changing her outfit because she didn’t want her character to look weak in a hospital robe.


Source: © Halloween Kills / Universal Pictures and co-producers

What do you think about these improvisations? Do you agree that these actors made the movies better with their improvisations? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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