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32 People Share Their Best And Worst Celebrity Encounters

Celeb Encounters

We love our hardworking celebrities based on the amazing work they do. No one would ever object to Meryl Streep or Rihanna for the unlimited hard work that they put into their careers to achieve what they have today. And of course, the outcome is right before us. Our celebrities have produced some of the best movie content, best music, best tv shows, best theatre shows, the list goes on and on.


But, one thing we do not know much about them all how is their personality off the screen. What we see when the camera is on them is a personality created thanks to the specific skillset they have attained. But would we still love these celebrities as much as we do after knowing their real personalities and attitudes?

To get some sort of idea about this Reddit user u/BEEPY_BO1 asked people to share their in-real-life encounters with celebrities. The Reddit post went viral and a lot of people who either had had a personal encounter or know someone who had had one started sharing the experiences. Although many experiences and encounters were good and great, which is the generalization we have always made, there were some that were classified as bad or worst encounters with celebrities.

Today, we are going to be reading through some stories shared by people from around the world of their good and bad encounters with celebrities. Some names in the bad list may shock you.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

A Reddit user was curious to know people’s best and worse encounters with celebrities. The post got flooded with in-real-life experiences.


1. A good encounter with Tom Hiddleston.




Via u/greensad

2. A great counter with Beyonce and a terrible one with Reece Witherspoon.




Via u/runningonempty2nowhr

3. A good encounter with Jeff Goldblum.




Via u/alter_ego19456

4. A bad encounter with Rihanna.


Via u/Excellent-Captain-93

5. A good encounter with Steve Martin and Martin Short.


Via u/snakefest

6. A good encounter with Adam Sandler and a bad one with Kris Jenner.


Via u/ibpocket

7. A good encounter with Mathew Gray Gubler.


Via u/popnrock

8. Another bad encounter with Rihanna.


Via u/Great-Hornet6968

9. A good encounter with Pink.


Via u/rickthecabbie

10. Good encounters with Keith Richard, Ron Wood, and Mick Jagger.



Via u/DeliciousWarthog53

11. A bad encounter with Bill Nye.


Via u/Monkofnature

12. Another good encounter with Pink.


Via u/1ofZuulsMinions

13. Good encounters with Queen Latifah and David Hyde Pierce.


Via u/La-Z-Bear

14. A good encounter with John Boyega and a bad one with Sir Alex Ferguson.


Via u/molwalk

15. A good encounter with Ian McKellen.


Via u/Chazzey_dude

16. A good encounter with Ben Affleck and a bad one with Sheryl Crow.


Via u/Wild_Alaskan

It is actually crazy to see the distinction. The good ones are just so down-to-earth and so interactive with their fans. They realize the true power of the people and understand it is their fans who made their careers, and who put them in the position they are today. And then it’s the bad ones who are so full of themselves. This is the dynamic I was talking about. Because we don’t have much insight into these celebrities’ personal lives, we don’t know how they are as human beings. These stories certainly open things up a bit.

Let’s read through some more celebrity encounters, both good and bad. Scroll down below to continue!

17. An encounter with Mark Zuckerberg.

Via u/Assignment-Yeet

18. A good encounter with Post Malone.


Via u/robbfrenki

19. A good encounter with Weird AI.

Via u/Avandra

20. A bad encounter with Martha Stewart.

Via u/Entity417

21. A bad encounter with George Lopez.

Via u/Jerkrollatex

22. A good encounter with Patrick Stewart.

Via u/Korean_Street_Pizza

23. A good encounter with Robin Williams.

Via u/MissJuliaXX

24. A good encounter with Keanu Reeves.

Via u/shovedog

25. Good encounters with Tori Amos and Cyndi Lauper.

Via u/Blackbeltchicken

26. A good encounter with Aaron Paul.

Via u/SpelunkyPunky

27. A good encounter with Rachel McAdams.

Via u/overintoxikatied

28. A good encounter with Muhammad Ali.

Via u/copyboy1

29. A good encounter with Ewan McGregor.

Via u/toothlessdragon_32

30. A bad encounter with Ricky Gervais.

Via u/AdUnfair3836

31. A good encounter with LeVar Burton.

Via u/sajen16

32. A good encounter with Hozier.

Via u/MikulAphax

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more fun stories!

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