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12 Pairs of Actors Who Portrayed The Same Character But At Different Ages

Many films depict characters’ lives from childhood through adulthood. As a result, casting directors frequently select a cast whose members can maintain a likeness to one another. This will inevitably improve the film’s authenticity and contribute to its success. Some directors even asked the younger or older siblings of the actors to participate in a scene or a role. For instance, Elle Fanning played Dakota in the early years of I Am Sam, and Jamie Lynn, Britney Spear’s younger sister, played Lucy in her youth at Crossroads. The 12 pairs of actors that portrayed the same character but at various ages are listed below. scrolling to discover them.


#1 Gia Carangi in Gia

Source: Gia

A 1998 American biographical drama television film titled “Gia” focuses on the struggles that well-known supermodel Gia Carangi faced. Mila Kunis, who plays Gia when she is 11 years old, co-stars with Angelina Jolie in the movie.

#2 Melanie Carmichael and Jake Perry in Sweet Home Alabama

Source: Sweet Home Alabama

In 2002, Andy Tennant released the American romantic comedy “Sweet Home Alabama.” The main focus of the movie is the romance between Melanie Carmichael and Jake Perry, two childhood friends. Jake Perry’s younger self was portrayed by Josh Lucas, and Melanie’s was by Thomas Curtis. Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas seized control of their more experienced selves.

#3 Lila Wittenborn in Evening

Source: Evening

American drama “Evening,” which Lajos Koltai directed in 2007, is a good example. Susan Minot’s 1998 novel of the same name served as the inspiration for the screenplay written by Susan Minot and Michael Cunningham. The narrative of the film centres on a woman’s final hours. Lila Wittenborn was first portrayed in youth by Mamie Gummer, and subsequently in old age by Meryl Streep.

#4 Sally and Gillian Owens in Practical Magic

Source: Practical Magic

‘Practical Magic,’ a 1998 American fantasy romantic comedy movie, was adapted from Alice Hoffman’s 1995 book of the same name. In the narrative, two witches named Sally and Gillian Owens are depicted. The sisters were raised by their aunts after their parents passed away; they learned how to utilise practical magic from their aunts while living in a home that was anything from typical. The character of Sally Owens, a witch who lost her husband to the Owens curse, was played by Sandra Bullock, and Camilla Belle played a younger Sally Owens. As Gillian Owens, Sally’s sister, Nicole Kidman portrayed her as a restless individual who fell victim to an abusive relationship as a result of her family’s alienation in their tiny town.

#5 Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic

Source: Titanic

The American movie “Titanic,” released in 1997, is about two young lovers who travelled in 1912 on board the doomed RMS Titanic. Kate Winslet introduced Rose DeWitt Bukater’s persona to the big screen. Gloria Stuart, however, played an older Rose in the film’s opening sequences. We can tell they are similar despite their differences in age.

#6 Professor X in X-Men

Source: © X-Men: Days of Future Past / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers© X-Men / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

The fictitious superhero team of the same name serves as the basis for the American superhero movie franchise “X-Men.” In the society that the film depicts, some mutants don’t have faith in regular people. Professor Xavier was portrayed in the film by Patrick Stewart, and his younger self was represented by James McAvoy.

#7 Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars saga

Source: © Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith / Lucasfilm and co-producers© Star Wars / Lucasfilm and co-producers

Obi-Wan Kenobi was portrayed as a strange, lonesome guy who lived in the desert in the original Star Wars film. Sir Alec Guinness, a British actor, originated the role; Ewan McGregor, a Scottish actor, represented the character’s younger self.

#8 Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Source: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The third instalment in the Indiana Jones series is titled “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” The plot follows archaeologist Indiana Jones when he learns that his father, with whom he has a strained relationship, has gone missing while looking for Holy Grail-related hints. While River Phoenix portrayed Indiana Jones when he was younger, Harrison Ford performed the role.

#9 Mystique in X-men

Source: gggg

Mystique was portrayed in the first three episodes of “X-men” by actress and model Rebecca. To bring the odd yet endearing character to the big screen, Jennifer took over Rebecca’s part in the fourth episode.

#10 Mike O’Donnell in 17 Again

Source: 17 Again

The fantasy comedy “17 Again” was directed by Burr Steers. The story focused on Mike, a 37-year-old guy who unexpectedly transformed into his 17-year-old self. While Efron performed the part at age 17, Matthew Perry, then 37, played Mike.

#11 Noah Calhoun in The Notebook

Source: The Notebook

A modern love story set in the years just before and after World War II is “The Notebook.” Allie and Noah have a great time together, but Allie’s family forbids them from staying together. Ryan Gosling, a Canadian actor, played the young and attractive Noad, and James Garner played his elder self.

#12 Bill Denbrough in It: Chapter Two

Source: It Chapter Two

A modern love story set in the years just before and after World War II is “The Notebook.” Allie and Noah have a great time together, but Allie’s family forbids them from staying together. Ryan Gosling, a Canadian actor, played the young and attractive Noad, and James Garner played his elder self.

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