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20 Adorable Animal Babies Who Are Smothering Their Mums With Love

Being a mom is easy? Think one more time.

Being a mom is not easy at all. Only mothers know how hard it can be. From pregnancy to delivery to taking care of the mischievous little babies, it is a challenging and compromising process. No doubt, it is one of the hardest things on the Earth but at the end of the day, it is the most rewarding thing ever! Feeling your baby for the first time, hugging him/her, taking him/her in your lap, feeding him/her and giving your baby all the love of this world. Nothing compares to this feeling. It is not just mothers who shower their love on their babies, animal babies are also full of love. A mother is the safest place for her babies. Today, we have photos of 20 adorable animal babies who are smothering their mums with love and affection. We are sure, these mama-baby photos will bring a wide smile to your face. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. “Home is where mom is”

© Spacemakers / reddit

Mom is the safest place to hide.

2. “Coziest place to be..”


© d3333p7 / reddit

What’s better than curling up in your mama’s lap for a quick nap?

3. A beautiful red fox vixen with her babies:


© bkcrossman/ Instagram

4. “Mommy’s tummy is the best pillow”


© Nen0888 / reddit

That’s how they rest after drinking milk.

5. Sea otters hugging each other is the cutest thing you will see on the internet:


© suzieszterhas/ Instagram

6. That mama is already done with being a mama:


© abaganoush / reddit

7. “Mom noms.”


© loopdeloops / reddit

Ah, silly boy, you can’t bite your mama. Go find something else.

8. “Momma cat cuddling with her 1hour old”


© Mrphus / reddit

We are sure she is going to be an amazing mom.

9. “A Mother Opossum and her many, many joeys”


© MrBonelessPizza24 / reddit

How strong a mother can be to carry so many babies at once!

10. When your mama acts as a boat for her babies:


© Instagram

A mom is always ready to provide comfort to her babies when she has to sacrifice her own comfort for her babies. She provides them with love, warmth, affection and safety. An animal mom feeds her babies whenever they are hungry. She lets her babies sleep on her, gives them a ride and plays with them. Capturing a candid animal mama-baby moment is rare and we are drooling over these wholesome photos.

11. A precious mama-baby moment:

© suzieszterhas/ Instagram

Sloths are the cutest.

12. “This is one way Mom’s stay in shape”


© b12ftw / reddit

Who needs to lift weights in the gym when you can lift your babies?

13. Mom, wake up. I am hungry, feed me.

© phenomoo7 / reddit

14. Mama sheep is the fluffiest cushion ever:


© Fartraiinerr / reddit

15. Parenting can be painful:

© photoshelter/ Instagram

16. Hello from the other side!


© UltimateProSkilz / reddit

17. An army of soldiers is coming to save us!

© SmStarStudios / reddit

18. Love is overloaded in this photo:


© lnfinity / reddit

19. “Momma Quokka proud of her baby”

© shockzedd / reddit

Who needs a place to hide when your mama has a pouch?

20. She may not be their mum but she can act like one!


© topredditbot / reddit

We hope you enjoyed browsing through this list of adorable animal babies. Comment down to let us know which of these melted your heart?


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