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23 Adorable Pets Who Turned Cold-Hearted People To Warm-Hearted Pet Owners

Never trust a man who says “I do not want a dog in this house”.

Men would always say they would not allow pets in the house, take the dog out or that pets can not sleep on the bed but they are the ones who fall in love with these animals and start taking care of them more than us. Animals have charisma in them and they can melt any cold heart. Your dad or husband will end up sleeping with your pet, feeding them, talking to them and playing with them. Today, we have 23 adorable pets who have turned cold-hearted men into warm-hearted pet owners. We are sure you will relate to these stories. Scroll down and have fun!

1. “We are never getting a dog!”


© 50percentDNA / Reddit

Look at him now!

2. “For 40 years, I was sure that I wasn’t a cat person.”


© Andrey Kryukov / Facebook

So, are you saying you wasted 40 years?

3. “A stray that wouldn’t leave turned into a daddy’s cat.”


© jaman27 / Reddit

When a stray cat does not leave, know that he/she has decided to adopt you.

4. “We all had to beg him for a dog, and when we got one he was super strict about not letting it on the beds or around food. 15 years and a dog later (RIP Russell), he baby talks to Ruby and gives her more love than he does to anyone else”


© nancyrub97 / Reddit

This is how dogs melt hearts and make people fall in love with them. Are they magicians? Well, they can be.

5. “Dad: “you will NOT bring a dog here.” Also Dad: “quick! Take our picture!!””


© lampshade121 / Reddit

When dad and dog become best friends.

6. “He said he was “protecting him from the dog””


© 24nicebeans / Reddit

Dad: I don’t like cats. I was just protecting him from the dog.

7. “I don’t want this dog! I want a dog I can go hiking with like a German shepherd or a lab!… 11 years later.”

© -DIrty__MARtini- / Reddit

Dad underestimated the tiny doggo.

8. “For 21 YEARS my Dad has told my family and I “no dog”. This is him one hour after getting the dog today.”


© _tayyygray / Reddit

It just took him one hour to melt daddy’s heart.

9. “She can sleep in the garage, but there’s no way she’s allowed inside the house.”

© Mr_Eman25 / Reddit

Just look at the way the kitty is looking at Daddy! Seems like they are having a deep conversation.

10. ““We do not need another husky. It’s going to be too much money and too much hair everywhere” -My fiancé (who I might add is wearing a black shirt and covered in her dog hair)”


© almostedgyenough / Reddit

Look at them, seems like both are madly in love with each other. And your fiancé does not care about the dog’s hair anymore.

11. “My dad: “We do not need a cat. I do not want a cat. I will not take care of a cat” Also my dad: builds a handmade cat bed with wheels on it”

© alllllyg / Reddit

True love is when dad makes a customized bed for the cat. Our dads will always tell us that they do not want a pet but then they would cross all the limits to make these pets comfortable. Our dads will have no issues sharing their beds with these cute animals, letting them sit on the couch, sitting on the dining table and even offering their shirt to make a dog feel warm.

12. “My dad a year ago: “Get this rat sized dog away from me, I don’t want anything to do with it.” Fast forward to today…”


© Phoenix_girl1911 / Reddit

When your dad does not want a dog but ends up sleeping with it.

13. “My dad’s been afraid of dogs since he was little. My new puppy has finally won him over.”

© DliciousT_DedlyPsn / Reddit

This precious baby let this dad overcome his fear of dogs.

14. “My grumpy dad with the pet he did not want”


© Ago666 / Reddit

Who says I did not want it?

15. “”we aren’t keeping all these puppies” work at home edition”

© LordCommanderFang / Reddit

We are not keeping all of these to keeping all of these.

16. “My dad, after one week when he said “no cats in this house”.”


© bananaycoco22 / Reddit

Never underestimate the power of a cat.

17. “My grumpy old man who said he “wanted nothing to do with that mutt” wishing said mutt a happy 3rd birthday.”

© InvasiveTepees / Reddit

He is wishing him a happy 3rd birthday but it seems like they are having a deep conversation about life.

18. “My husband, who does not want a dog, giving the dog his shirt because she is cold. Not pictured, upset child who is cold.”


© okthef / Reddit

When he does not want a dog but ends up falling in so much love that he literally takes his shirt off to keep the dog warm.

19. “Classic tale of dad meets dog”

© cloud_of_fluff / Reddit

20. “Dad went from “You’re taking him with you when you leave.” to “Are you really gonna take him with you??””


© DragonpaladinAlaine / Reddit

Dad: Forget about whatever I said before.

21. “My dad just got a kitten.”

© Buns-R-Us / Reddit

This kitten is in safe hands.

22. “My Dad didn’t want me to get a dog. Now he takes my GSD fishing almost every day.”


© OwlLavellan / Reddit

23. “My boyfriend who thought all cats were evil is now doing indoor rock climbing to reach her. Why? Cause he wanted to kiss her forehead.”

© Doctorspiper / Reddit

Do you have parents or partners who did not want to have pets but are now proud pet owners? Comment down to share your thoughts.


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