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23 “This Is Not My Cat” Moments Where Cats Adopted Their Owners

Cats are the boss.

They do whatever they want, wherever they want, and whenever they want. You can’t control them no matter how hard you try. Cats aren’t like dogs who would obey your every command and be a good little boy. They have a very rebellious nature and that is something that we all have to accept. Most of us don’t adopt cats because they adopt us instead.

You don’t choose the cat. The cat chooses you. If a random cat just comes up to you and starts acting friendly, just know that you have been chosen. You are one of the lucky ones. This is a rare experience so cherish it. The users on subreddit r/notmycat have experienced this amazing feeling and shared pictures of random cats that adopted them. This isn’t their cat, but they are it’s human. It might sound a little complicated right now, but scroll down below and you’ll realise what “This is not my cat” really means:

1. At least it is in use now.

Via wonka-visions

2. He looks surprised to see you too.


Via yu/Eggy-Devil

3. That’s a fun hobby.


Via u/snoee

4. “What are you gonna do about it?”


Via u/KikiPuddin

5. Who is complaining?


Via u/GroundbreakingLine3

6. Here for the treats.


Via /dsw1219

7. You did him a favour.


Via yu/AnythingWithGloves

8. He looks so comfortable.


Via u/sproxxt

9. I can hear this image.


Via u/Little_Mog

10. That is a bat.


Via u/Astroflake1978

11. Plotting murder.

Via u/BinkLordOfFloof

I had a “This is not my cat” moment too. But that moment lasted forever. I was walking home when a cat started following me. He followed me all the way home and when I closed the door behind me, he started meowing at me to open it. When I eventually opened it, he made himself at home on the couch. I fed him and he has stayed here ever since. His name is Colonel Meow.

12. Naptime.


Via u/JackSixxx

13. Magic! A cat out of thin air!

Via u/tatanka1

14. Free random cuddles.


Via u/graceysparkle

15. He is in heaven.

Via u/skybike



Via u/AlzScience

17. Can’t have the bird, so I’ll just drink their water.

Via u/ourskymayfall

18. King of the world.


Via u/LilyTui

19. No, YOU’RE his human now.

Via u/crazcocco

20. The more, the merrier.


Via u/Florenceismyhomie

21. He’s just here for a bath.

Via u/octoberness

22. Make yourself at home.


Via u/Sunsoul10

23. Who is this?!

Via u/MamaJody

Have you ever had a “This is not my cat” moment? If so, let us know your story in the comments below!


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