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Australian User’s Meltdown About Americans And Their Halloween Stores Is All Of Us

Do you know what month is it? No, not October. We’d like to call it Spooktober because Halloween is just around the corner and everyone’s pretty excited about it. People have started to decorate their houses with spooky stuff and deciding which outfit would be perfect for them this year. It’s one of the most fun events where you can dress up as spookier and as weird as you want and no one is going to judge you for how weird you look.


Stores that are specifically opened a few months before the Halloweens are being flooded with people to buy their favourite set of outfits and decorations. Whenever we talk about a Halloween store, we simply can’t forget to talk about the infamous Spirit Halloween Store. However, a Tumblr user which happens to be an Australian, can’t absorb the fact that the Halloween stores open just during the period of Halloween but remains closed otherwise throughout the year. He thinks Americans are way too obsessed with this event that they have stores specifically opened for Halloween only.

It was an interesting debate so we thought to share it with you! So, let’s go ahead and take a look at how it unfolded and what this Australian Tumblr user had to say about it;

1. The Australian guy just couldn’t absorb it.

An interesting conversation? Wait, it gets better!

2. Yep, still can’t believe it.


He appears to be in denial.

3. The existence of Halloween stores are a real thing. And yes, it’s seasonal.


Not all of them are made of cheap plastic lawn btw.

4. Even Canadians follow the ritual.


Hell yeah, it’s fun indeed!

5. It’s a temporary store.


That’s just how it works. Why would you be so confused about it?

6. Halloween stores just hang up a banner outside and that’s how temporary they are.


Why would anyone want to shop an year before the Halloween?

7. The infamous, Spirit Halloween Store has a banner too. They only open a few months before Halloween.


8. That’s exactly how it is.


Well, we have reached the end of this post and we hope that you enjoyed the thread. On a side note, we’d like to know whether you have prepared for Halloween or not? Do you have any great or spooky ideas in mind this year? If so, feel free to share it with us down in the comments section! Exchanging spooky ideas is always fun!


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