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15 People Who Should Be Given The Award For “Best Punchlines Ever”

Hilariousness is all we need these days.

The world is under a lot of pressure and it is not caused by a potential meteoroid heading our way, it’s us. We are the threat. People living on the planet are the very reason it will cease to exist, soon, if good action isn’t taken. Big countries are at war, countries that could influence the entire world. Bad influence on enemies and good on the allies. The Earth is dividing at a very quick pace. And then it’s social degradation thanks to corruption, egos of the politicians, and no desire to fix the planet. And last but definitely not least, the environmental threat. The COVID virus has recently started growing again, cancer is eating people faster than ever, and global warming is about to reach the rate the UN warned us about. The rate after which the destruction of Earth would become inevitable and there would be no stopping it. We need to do something about this and cats and dogs can not deal with this threat on their own.

Well, amidst everything bad that has been happening in recent times, there is something that allows us to take a break from this world and sort of side aside, relax, let all the stress out, and just enjoy those hours. And that joy comes from the funny content available on the internet. Twitter is a beautiful place if you choose to view it that way. Twitter holds both negativity and positivity. On the positive side, which is our point of interest today, people share so much goodness and hilarious stories and events they have been through. And we have picked out some of the best stories from them. The stories are natural experiences with the best punchlines ever.

Today, we are going to take a break from this deteriorating world, sit back, read some funny stories, and have a very nice laugh.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. All that money was spent on a degree only to draw a duck while sitting next to an aerospace engineer who happens to be your father. Oof!


Via lydiakahill / Twitter

2. Wow! Happy tail syndrome, is that a thing?


It’s like breaking your jaw by laughing so hard or doing an excited “woohoo!” and cramping a muscle.

Via emilygmonster / Twitter

3. People who don’t allow pets on zoom should be sent to Voldemort for permanent treatment.


Via mr_rablin / Twitter

4. Well, at least you tried. You won’t have any regrets. Pep talk is done. Now let’s laugh at this person’s bum for being rejected by the same girl twice.


My guy was so committed, you have to give that to him.

Via p_smithson / Twitter

5. I swear I was thinking “Is this woman dumb?” until the punchline. So hilarious! Wait a year or two and you will start getting the I love you too in return.


Via frankicookney / Twitter

6. Hike request turned into an inseparable bond. This is cute.


Via samanthabhassan / Twitter

7. Somebody, please tell her.

She has got to be kidding about this one. This has to be made up.

Via colmflynnire / Twitter

8. Please someone, play the Rick Roll music, there would never be a more suitable situation.


Via flaminhaystack / Twitter

These stories are so fun to read through. I could literally read so many of them. Hilarious, and sweet at the same time, you don’t see that happening too often. On a real thought, there is some magic in it. I feel like relaxed and happy and I hope you guys are feeling the same way.

Let’s enjoy some more hilarious stories and keep the positive flow going.

9. Why not cook it fresh, terrible mother?

Via HenpeckedHal / Twitter

10. How do you think the business is making a profit, boss? That’s because your employees “are” working from home.


Via _RobertSchultz / Twitter

11. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s cats for you. They will make you poo yourself and then pretend like nothing ever happened.

Via peterstafford / Twitter

12. I love therapy, I don’t memorize Google maps.


Via NickStopTalking / Twitter

13. Because he had to exchange it for his wife’s brain cells.

Via frazzlemygimp / Twitter

14. My god these children really do think outside the box.

Anything to achieve the purpose.


Via Caramel_Lima / Twitter

15. Wow, did not expect that one. Who had Momma been spying on and for?

Via coolauntV / Twitter

I hope you guys had proper hysterics viewing this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more funny stories!


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