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10+ People Share Their Awkward Brain Fart Moments That Are Too Hilarious

Brain farts are a very common problem.

But that doesn’t make them any less embarrassing. I honestly don’t know the science behind it but what I do know is that they can happen to anyone. And they usually happen at the most inopportune time ever. Perhaps our minds need a break once in a while and that is directly related to these brain fart moments.


Whatever the reason, they do give us some great stories that we love to share with everyone. Even though it’s usually at our own expense. So scroll on below and take a look at some of the most hilarious stories.

#1 Everyone needs a good hug sometimes.

Via OFLaCar

#2 When I said everyone needs a hug, I didn’t mean your dentist.

Via xtinanovakovic

#3 Well, That’s a bit rude innit?


#4 And this is the reason he needed that coffee asap.

Via kaynecaraway

#5 All I can see is salsa but perhaps that’s because I’m hungry.

Via imgur

#6 Wow, Just wow.

Via changbingf

#7 You’ll now make your professor worried as well.

Via CBMSt1

#8 Just don’t go saying ‘I love you all willy nilly’ and you’ll be fine.

Via ryanlangdon

#9 I bet that was a hilarious sight to see.

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#10 I wouldn’t be embarrassed, you were just being nice.

Via cruisinsoozan

I am not questioning the legitimacy of this story but how did you not notice the cloth or whatever she was washing the windows with? Perhaps we will never know the answer to this.

#11 You weren’t lying though, not everyone can have a nice day.

Via elle91

#12 It seems the therapy is working.

Via 2earsandaheart

#13 How does that even happen?

Via SadderDre
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I understand opening the box upside down but were the toppings so sparse that they didn’t poke out from underneath? Whichever way you look at it, this does not look great for dominoes pizza.

#14 How can anyone time their fart so perfectly?


#15 If you’ve got a huge bag, why not?

Via s_rumer18

#16 Any sane and normal person would never think that.

Via urdadwayne

#17 Bob seems like a great name for a drink.

Via JJ_Denhollander

#18 Did this person thought a woman was giving away their baby?

Via HamtaroTradeFR

#19 I have done similar stuff in my life.

Via radscientist_

#20 Yah, this can’t be saved.

Via TechnicallyRon

Why not share your brain farts in the comments? Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone.


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