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Bobcat Climbs On A 45 Feet Cactus To Escape From A Mountain Lion

A bobcat sits on top of a 45 feet cactus as if it’s a king, just to escape from a deadly mountain lion!

A bobcat is a medium-sized cat usually found in sizes between 5 to 10 kg. It is not much of a hunter but it is a highly strategic cat that has many tricks up its sleeve when it comes to the survival of the fittest in the endless jungles and deserts.


During a sunny day in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, USA, a mountain lion chose to feud with a bobcat. Now, in normal circumstances, that does not seem like a competition at all. Mountain lions weigh a minimum of 30 kilos on average, to begin with. And the heaviest mountain lion can be approximately 90 kgs. So it is fair to say that the Moutain lion was hungry and wanted some good dinner for the night!

The strategic bobcat, who was extremely small compared to the massive mountain lion, developed a vertical strategy of evasion. Yup! Vertical. With the adrenaline rush of being eaten by a lion, he quickly climbed up a 45 feet cactus and sat right at the top of it. Well, she did successfully evade the lion, so mission accomplished. But what in the world was the plan after that?

Let’s take a look at this moment which was actually captured by a domestic photographer passing by, who is now known as “Curt Fonger.”

The cactus this bobcat chose to evade from its enemy is known as the “Giant Saguaro Cactus.”

It is one of the rarest cacti in the world and can easily be dated to be over 300 years old.

Curt Fonger ran to capture this moment after receiving a phone call from his friend at 7:00 a.m. in the morning who had caught the mountain lion chasing the bobcat first hand. As soon as Curt arrived at the scene, the chase was over but something even better was up for grabs.

Just look at this next picture and have an idea of how tall 45 feet actually is.

FYI: that is an equivalent of a 4 storied building!


On this unusual occasion, Curt had a lot to say.

He said, “It ran across the road in front of his car and climbed up a large saguaro cactus with the lion hot on its tail.”

He further added, “It looked up at the bobcat, growled several times, then turned around deciding it wasn’t even going to try to attempt the feat the bobcat had pulled off.”

It seemed as though the bobcat was enjoying the attention she was getting, as she kept a tight grip on the cactus and smiled at the viewers, or it seemed like it.


All of this was the result of a warning chase from the mountain lion for the bobcat to never return near its cubs again or else, there wouldn’t remain a bobcat. And it seems like the warning was pretty effective. I mean, 45 feet?!

Employees from “Smiling Dogs Landscapes Inc.” stood there for 6 hours and waited on the bobcat to finally come down. And in just over 6 hours, she decided to leap down from its throne and landed safely on all 4 limbs.


It was a cactus after all, and the locals viewing were afraid that the cat might hurt itself in the process of coming down. But to their surprise, the kitty, as she looks from the perspective of the pictures, managed to achieve the feat with no bones fractured and no drop of blood on the cactus. Well done, Bob!

We hope you enjoyed this story of survival of the fittest, and indeed it proves that speed and teeth are not all it takes to survive. This bobcat strategically defeated a 6-foot tall mountain lion. Share some of the unusual experiences you have captured in your life and give your reviews on this story in the comment section down below!


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