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Bridezilla Wants To Edit Out Her Foster Sister From Wedding Photos Because Of Her Tattoos

A wedding is supposed to be the perfect day.

At least that is what many brides and grooms think. I myself never understood this thinking. You are getting married to a person you apparently love and it should be the happiest day of your life but does it really need to be that perfect and extravagant? It seems a wedding has just become a way for people to police everyone’s looks, control everything, and show off how much wealth they have.

Even though it is supposed to be about the two people who are promising to stick together through thick and thin their entire life. So it really shouldn’t matter whether someone fits the aesthetic of the pink roses you want at your wedding. But here we are. I am not saying fancy weddings are inherently bad but it shouldn’t be only about that. And no one should have the right to make someone else feel bad about themselves.

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I wonder when this sort of thing will stop?

She doesn’t want to be ‘that bride’ but she definitely is that bride.


Maybe I am biased because of my own tats but most tattoos are a work of art.


“Perfect” wedding photos are photos that show your loved ones as they are, in all their glory. ETA what looks “perfect” now is going to look silly in a few years anyway.

See my mother’s floppy bridal hat from 1972, all the puffy sleeves from the mid-1990s, tiaras from the 2000s, and, yes, all the barn weddings. That’s part of the fun! –77kloklo77

It’s all about making everyone else feel jealous on social media nowadays.


Exactly! If the tattoos are appropriate, then what is the harm?


And spending thousands on a dress that you will never get to wear again, it’s really stupid.


If only everyone could understand this simple fact. Life would be much more peaceful.


Would she really look like the person you know without her tattoos?


Apparently, they want all the attention on themselves and some colorful tats might make that hard.


I got married in a Waffle House (where we had our first date as broke young’uns) with the small group of people that are closest to my husband and me. My best friend got officiated online so she could marry us.

At Last, played on the jukebox as we said our vows to each other and I cried so much because I was so happy to be marrying the love of my life, it’s making me tear up now. My grandpa bought us all celebratory waffles and we went home.

Money doesn’t buy or guarantee happiness. Sometimes I feel shallow and jealous when I see people have really beautiful extravagant weddings, but I think about how happy and content I was on our wedding day and how stress-free it was for everyone. –LucysFakeTits

It should be an individual’s own choice what they want to edit out.


I don’t think the photographer would agree to edit her tattoos out either.

It really is not that easy to cover up bright tattoos with just makeup.


Just let people be! Is it really that hard?

Have you ever had to go through something similar to this? Comment down below and let us know about your own experiences with bridezillas around the world.


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