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Woman Creates Hilarious Cardboard Cutouts With Her Dog & Here’s Best 50 Ones

We have often seen a lot of images in which dogs are dressed up as different things and objects. Dog owners love to dress up their dogs in different costumes. Be it Halloween or any other fancy dress party, dog owners will leave no opportunity to dress up their dogs and make sure they stand out amongst others.

Semba and her chihuahua are also from the same type of people who dress up their pets but Semba decided to take it to a whole new level. She made costumes and accessories out of just cardboard. And you know what the most amazing thing about these costumes is? They don’t cost you a penny. Yes, you read it right! They are for $0.  And her dog chihuahua is rocking in all of these costumes. “The main character is the non-moving dog, and my art skill is secondary,” Semba explains.

Semba has designed so many outfits, most of them are inspired by manga, anime and movie characters. Want to see how chihuahua looks? Scroll down and have a look!

Source – Twitter

1. Didn’t know chihuahua could be this obedient & polite.


For the love of noses!

2. Dogo-Deerest!


This smile could take all your worries away.

3.  I can also ROARR like a lion!!


“Cutest lion I have ever seen :D” – Joanne Palmer

4. Adora-bear!


5. A Pawctopus!


“japanese do love tentacules :-)” – Kjorn

6. Goldilocks in the form of dog!


Adorable curly hair!

7. Precious leetul graffiti face!

8.  This dogo has a very good expression game!


“expression’s on point”- rai mei

9. Wondering what is inside this spaceship?

10. Hey, I am a dogtor, how can I help you?


Woof woof, you have a breathing problem.

11. Mickey dog and clubhouse game show.

Ring the bell if you know the correct answer!

12. I am an evil human with cute dog nose.


13. Goodbye hooman, I am off to the Planet that has unlimited treats for me!

Fly me to the moon!

14. Creativity level 100!


Chopper and Davy Jones mix.

We are not done with the cute costumes! Scroll down to see what else do we have for you!

15. I am a rocky mountain goat.

16. Hello hooman, I am a happy little boy!



17. Hello kitty!

Hello kitty is dogos favourite costume.

18. Yes, I don’t only look scary, but I am actually a scary leetul dogo!


19. *Drum roll* presenting you a Japanese warrior!

20. Paw-Dog


While telling a good story, don’t forget to paws in between.

21.  These antennas are to keep away negativity.

No one wants negativity around them, I repel all the negativity through my antennas.

22. Jibanyan and dogos crossover.


“look into jibanyan’s eyes” – rai mei

23. Cute leetul dogo insect with plants.

24. Is that togepi from Pokemon?


25. Before I melt your heart..

I know my cuteness can melt your heart, but before that gimme a treat.

26. Draw me like one of your french girls, hooman.


27. Does this planet have dogo treats?

Moving to a new planet and keeping your priorities straight.

28. People call me dognald trump.


29. I am here to spread cuteness and love.

“Cutest one ever” – Leah Tafolla

30. Not some random nerd, I am the king of nerds!


Loving chihuahua in all these cute getup’s? Scroll down and see more of these!

31. Hoping this candle brightens up your day!

A dogo candle to light up for dark night!

32. Bring me my mask, I have to save the world.


33. Oscar the octopus says hello.

Oscar is a happy baby, so it wants you to be happy also.

34. No time to explain, just be a trumpet.


hooman pliss don’t blow me like a trumpet…

35. Straight out of an anime!

More adorable than any man will ever be!

36. Is this cute or is this cute?


37. Special delivery from Jupiter!

38. When its fight or flight, choose fight!


39. “My pouty lips makes this costume more adorable!”

40. “Wheres the present?”,”I am a present!”


Most precious present one could get!

We have more for you, please scroll down to see what we have left!

41. Didn’t know Apple has started making dogs as well.

This dog will surely cost around $1500, buy tail and ears separately.

42. The fish has been caught.

43. Imma spister!

When you mix a spider with a lobster.

44. They said I could be anything so I became a sushi.

45.  Pokemon dogo!

Gotta catch em’all!!

46. An alien that came to Earth on its spaceship.

Says *Hello* in alien language.

47. I am gonna catch you with my lobster claws!

48. Knight in the Chinese Armour?

I am gonna save the princess from a cruel witch!

49. Dogo as a cute baby with hair buns!

50. Blow the trumpet, Doctor Dogo!

This chihuahua can pull off multiple costumes as well!

Weren’t all these picture extremely adorable and charming? Semba has one patient chihuahua! Did you have fun looking at these pictures? Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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