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A List Of Typical Names That Every Black Cat Is Given

Black cats deserve to be loved too.

Black cats are least likely to be adopted from a shelter. Why is that so? You probably know the reason. Ever since we were kids, we have been listening to superstitions surrounding black cats. Usually saying they are “bad luck.” That is completely untrue, and if you believe that, you really need some help. Black cats are just like the other cats. Lovable, playful, and adorable. All cats deserve love and they need a forever home too. Give them a chance. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Black cats aren’t that usual either like the others. You don’t get to see this colour as much as the others. So basically, they are pretty unique. They are a wonderful sight to look at. However, contrary to the fact these cats look really unique, they are usually given very generic names. People need new ideas. If you’re wondering what kind of names I’m talking about, scroll down below to find out:

via: Unsplash

1. Shadow.

This can be true if your cat always follows you around.


2. Tuxedo.

A black cat with a white patch on his chest? You’ll never be able to wonder what his name is.

If you can’t tell, that was sarcasm.


3. Midnight.

Another generic black cat name that is way on top of the list.


4. Socks.

This is a fun name, but it is sort of overused now. It is when your cat has black fur but also has a white paw patch.


5. Oreo

Oreo is the national name for black and white cats.


6. Merlin.

Black cats are also linked with witchcraft. So naming them after a sorcerer isn’t such a bad idea.


7. Salem.

Sassy, another classic name.


I wonder who came up with these names in the beginning. They are very clever but they are just too overused now. People need to be more creative because these cool babies deserve something better. It’s the same as naming a white cat “Snowy” or a grey cat “Smokey.” See what I mean? I’ve personally seen loads of cats with these names. We need more good names!


Adopt a black cat, and name them something different and cool! What cat names do you have in mind? Share them with us in the comments below.



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