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Artist Illustrates How These 18 Cartoons Would Look Like If They Were Real People

Cartoon characters have had a huge impact on our childhoods.

I think I can say this for every child on this planet, cartoons have helped chape our childhoods to the point we can never stop loving them. The thing about cartoons is that they worked like a motivator. You would do anything if you are allowed to watch cartoons and I really miss the day when I watch an episode of Bob the Builder every morning as I would get ready for school. Cartoons have so much impact on me that even today, and I know this is not rare, I love watching them as a 24-year-old, and characters like Naruto, Ursula, Aladdin, and more, still amuse me the way they used to back in the day.

Now, as a cartoon lover, there always used to ponder a question in my mind that I never really managed to find an answer for…until today. I used to think about what would a real version of my favorite cartoon look like. How would their facial expressions be like how would they behave, just how would they look like as real people? Thanks to artist Hidreley Diao, my problem has been solved. Hidreley used his amazing art skills and transformed cartoon characters into real people based on his best imagination. To be honest, I don’t even care if they look bad or anything, I just cannot wait to see them as humans. Hidreley has an Instagram page where he posts his amazing work and has managed to attract over 300k followers so far.

You guys are bound to enjoy this one. Scroll down to see the real versions of your favorite cartoons.

1. Shrek: Shrek and Fiona if they were real.

© hidreley / Instagram© Shrek / DreamWorks Animation and co-producers

2. Tangled: This is what the real versions of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider would look like.


© hidreley / Instagram© Tangled / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

3. One of the most famous anime characters Naruto if he was a real person.


© hidreley / Instagram© Naruto / Pierrot and co-producers

4. Aladdin: The real versions of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine look mindblowing.


© hidreley / Instagram© Aladdin / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

5. Here’s what The Incredibles would look like if they were real people.


© hidreley / Instagram© hidreley / Instagram© hidreley / Instagram© The Incredibles / Pixar Animati

6. I was never sure about He-Man’s animated version let alone this real one. You have to say it, he looks a bit weird.


© hidreley / Instagram© He-Man and the Masters of the Universe / Filmation Associates and co-producers

7. Family Man: Peter and Lois Griffin if they were real persons.


© hidreley / Instagram© hidreley / Instagram© Family Guy / Fuzzy Door Productions and co-producers

8. The Real Simpsons. Kinda want to see a movie made with this cast.


© hidreley / Instagram© The Simpsons / Gracie Films and co-producers

9. Princess Aurora and Malificent’s real versions.

Could’ve just stick a picture of Angelina Jolie for Malificent’s real version.


© hidreley / Instagram© hidreley / Instagram© Sleeping Beauty / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

This is simply mind-blowing. I really have no words, I just cannot stop admiring these real versions of my favorite cartoon characters. Hidreley really outdid herself with this one. Now I want movie makers to find the most resembling faces to these real versions, that the artist has created, and provide us with a remake of the shows.

10. The one who had the ambition to catch them all. Ash Ketchum, from Pokemon, if he was real.


© hidreley / Instagram© Pokémon / Pokémon USA and co-producers

11. Snoopy: The most accurate real version of Charlie Brown.

© hidreley / Instagram© Snoopy Come Home / Cinema Center Films and co-producers

12. Goku and Vegeta if they were real.


© hidreley / Instagram© Dragon Ball / The Bird Studio and co-producers

13. The Madrigals Family, from Encanto, as their real versions.

© hidreley / Instagram© hidreley / Instagram© hidreley / Instagram© Encanto / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

14. This is what SpongeBob SquarePants would look like if he was a real person. Nailed the teeth.


© hidreley / Instagram© SpongeBob SquarePants / Nickelodeon Animation Studios and co-producers

15. The real versions of Snow White and The Evil Queen look stunning. Couldn’t have imagined better faces.

© hidreley / Instagram© hidreley / Instagram© Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

16. They really need to remake The Princess and the Toad with these real versions of Tiana and Prince Naveen in it.


© hidreley / Instagram© Tiana / Disney Television Animation and co-producers

17. The real version of Pinocchio.

© hidreley / Instagram© Pinocchio / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

18. The Little Mermaid: This is what Ariel and Ursula would look like if they were real.

Ariel looks so damn gorgeous and Ursula looks equally scary.


© hidreley / Instagram© hidreley / Instagram© The Little Mermaid / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

I really hope you guys enjoyed the artist’s amazing work. Please share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more illustrations.


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