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Cat Owners Share Stories Of Little Things Their Cats Do To Show How Much They Care

Cats are cute. Cats are caring.

It’s that hour of the day when we get reality checks about cute kitty cats. Now, it’s an established fact around here that cats are very adorable and loving but can be super cranky at times too. Cats are known for being super cold and just not caring when they don’t want to. And trust me, when they are in that mood, nothing can help. Just try to let them be their true self and hope they will take a chill pill eventually.


But, here’s the thing about cats. They are way smarter than we think. Cats are super adaptive. They know everything that’s happening in their surroundings and they know everyone they live with inside out. Yes, it takes a little while for them to understand because of the obviously ‘we’re not the same species’  barrier, but they eventually get there and the results can be super fruitful for their owners.

This ability of cats to be aware of their surroundings can actually make them extremely caring at times (only when they are in the mood) but they realize your efforts put in to give the kitties a purfect home, and when they feel the time is right, you will discover paw prints of love all over your body.

Let’s look at these stories of people who had a very lovely encounter with their cats and were surprised to see their kitties being so caring.

1. They understand your emotions and will trade off anything for happiness all around.

Credits: shootingstarmemories

2. Aww, we don’t deserve cats.


Credits: laisai

3. They can be a really good helping hand as well.


Credits: bluebonnet-witch

4. They make an effort, but only when you’re around. Cuties!


Credits: graphictrafficreport

The acts of care by these kitties are so adorable and heartwarming. All stories so far can easily melt anyone’s heart. Cats are so thoughtful. Their kindness really deserves an applaud.

As humans, we can’t decipher the thought process of cats or any animal. But such acts are enough to know that they absolutely love their owners and care so much more about them than you could imagine. We love cats!

5. Quick learners. You could’ve been a little polite with the cute kitty.


Credits: delusional-cryptid

6. A simple case of true love.


Credits: sanriosimpz

7. They don’t always annoy you on purpose. Sometimes, it takes a little while for them to understand what’s happening, and then they are very careful to not making their owners angry (not always the case; they always carry the stubborn card up their sleeves.)


Credits: theybby

8. I swear, cats deserve the best lives ever.



Credits: aarontveit

9. Thor loves papa Odin and would never destroy his hand-made Asgard.


Credits: iserenademefan

Honestly, these stories have made my day and I hope you guys feel the same way. Yes, kitty cats can be super annoying, cold, even jerks. But that’s clearly not always the case. Some of these people are true believers that their cats are super caring and they love their owners.

Share your thoughts in the comments section down below and feel free to share stories of your kitties doing some acts of kindness.


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