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12 Hilarious Pics Of Cats Being Annoyed Simply By Their Human’s Existence

Cats are very moody creatures.

We all know that cats are really majestic animals, they act like royalties and we all can agree that cats think they are superior to humans. Not only that but they treat us as if we are their servants, the way they order us silently and the way they get annoyed at everything we do. They want us to baby them, leave them alone, feed them and give them head rubs, they are very confusing. Despite it all, we still love them endlessly. They become such an important part of our lives, they give us attitude but we still fall more and more in love with them.

Today, we have gathered a bunch of pictures of cats getting annoyed at their owners, they are on the verge of scratching the soul out of their human’s bodies if their patience was tested any further. As concerning as it may sound but it is extremely hilarious, these images had me laughing so much. The way they show us attitude is so cute, they look adorable when they do that. Keep on scrolling down to see those images yourself…

1. If looks could kill…


Image Credit:  @michaelscat2

2. They really look at you as if you are their servant and they are going to fire you for being late.


Image Credit:  @13ka9

3. No matter how sneaky we try to be, these little furry creatures always find out we are eating something and they want a piece of it.


Image Credit:  @AyanChoudhury11

4. You do not get to give orders to your master, peasant!


Image Credit:  @Suzanne17387717

5. They can be lazy all they want but what they can not stand is lousy and forgetful owners.


Image Credit:  @PlanktonNette

6. He is like,”Put. It. Right. Back. Or else…”


Image Credit:  @twistedmic24

Oh, my God! Just look at their expressions. The faces they are making are just too hilarious even when they look deadly, they are still super cute. If I was in their owner’s place I would be very creeped out, honestly, those death glares are actually scary. These cats are super unpredictable also so you never know what they might be planning in their head against you. It is for your betterment when I suggest you be always on good terms with your kitties, those fluffballs are undoubtedly cute but they can be just as much scary when they are angry. I love how easily they get annoyed, it makes me wonder if our cats actually love us or if they are just pretending to love us so we can keep on spiling them with delicious treats. Anyways, keep on scrolling down to see more of these cats throwing daggers at their owners with their stare…

7. Their fierce gaze is enough to give me chills.

Image Credit:  @MotherofToby

8. Silent orders, they command us with their eyes.


Image Credit: @marcusjayeee

9. She is so done with you for whatever you did and it really is showing.

Image Credit: @dvergas_17

10. She has every right to be angry.


Image Credit: @retiredatcchick

11. Do not take it as a joke, they might actually eat you alive.

Image Credit: @UOTrackFangirl

12. Cats are very punctual and clever creatures.


Image Credit: @johnettesnuggs

I just love cats, they are so brave and decent. They truly show us how majestic they are, their behavior really resembles that of actual royalty. They are the most fascinating animals to me. has your cat ever harmed you for annoying them? Are your cats aggressive or are you lucky? Let us know in the comments down below…


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