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19 Cats Who Chose The Best Spots For Relaxation

Cats are the most adorable creatures ever and also the most demanding ones. Along with their cuteness, they take over basically everything in our house and claim their territory. And we cannot deny that their cuteness makes us follow their every command. One thing that is very sacred to cats is their sleep. They cannot compromise their sleep. Along with that, another important thing they cannot compromise over is the place they sleep in. We cannot decide where they are going to sleep. They decide the place in the house and stick to it till they find another comfortable place in the house. It does not matter if it is your hand or your backpack, if the cat marked its territory, then it is theirs and you have lost all your claim over those things!


Scroll below to see some of the most cutest cats sleeping in random places in the house!

1. No TV show is needed when you get to watch your cat the whole day

Via © distressedpigeon / Reddit

Making a TV bed for your cat is such a good idea! We all know that cats love to fit into cozy places and mark their territory. We can use this information to intentionally lure them into their bed made like a TV

2. Hand bed

Via © Rakalimon / Reddit

Who even cares that the human has to work and has errands to run. Cats are definitely more important! Humans should keep their hands in this position till the cat demands!

3. Unlike us, she is not scared of the needles!

Via © bmcockrum / reddit

This cat is so adorable but I cannot help but worry about her getting hurt. Cats really dive into anything they find fascinating. We are just out here making sure they stay safe during all their doings.

4. I belong with the threads!

Via © bennyvegas / reddit

Aww, this little baby looks like it finds its home and looks so comfortable in it; A small bowl for a small kitten!

5. The smell of Mcdonald’s pleases me!

Via © OKStormKnight / Reddit

We understand you too well, little one! We all are obsessed with the smell of McDonald’s meal

6. Cat hanging out in a box

Via © grd3point0 / Reddit

This little one probably had a fight with her mother and is not hiding in anger.

7. The observant one

Via © shortleggedsarah / Reddit

It gives such a sinister look when cats hide in a blanket and only show their eyes and ears. What are they trying to do, observe our behavior so they can report us to the FBI?

8. Mr. steal your husband

Via © VelvetMoan / Reddit

If you and your partner are adopting a cat, forget all those romantic cuddly times with your partner. It will be a relationship of three now: you; your partner and the cat.

9. Ghostly

Via © BoNk24 / Reddit

Taking a cat’s picture in the dark is the scariest thing to do. You don’t even have time to ground yourself and the cat’s eyes turn pure ghostly white!

10. Chilling in the sink!

Via © Ftwgillian / reddit

No, she does not need a bath. She is just there to chill from all the human chaos in the house!

11. I like it when my mom holds me!

Via © ErickUniverse / Reddit

This is such a creative idea! If humans can hold their babies while they’re walking around, why can’t we hold out cats like this? They are children for the pet owners too, after all.

12. No one enters Noah’s palace!

Via © harbingerofd00m / Reddit

Noah is guarding the palace strong and steady! He looks like he was trained in the military.

13. So adorable!

Via © solitallia / Reddit
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This is my new favorite picture on the internet! I cannot keep my eyes off the little cat and how comfortably she is sleeping behind the bigger one. Meanwhile, the bigger one is probably making sure she does not squish the little one beneath her while she sleeps.

14. Tiniest kitten ever!

Via © Graceopher / Reddit

“This little baby is Nala and she’s 4 weeks old. I’m feeding her because her proper mom rejected her and is focusing on the 5 other kittens. She loves playing and sleeping on me.”

15. Cat also likes to take online classes

Via © yaz12355 / Reddit

She is too shocked to know what her father has been doing this whole time. It is her first online class and she is already exhausted! Though, really impressed by her father and all the cool things he learns.

16. Two couches for one, please!

Via © FightOrFightMode / Reddit

Your cat will sit where she pleases, even if it means she wants to sit on both sofas at once.

17. Bunny and cat sitting in a tree!

Via © Anne_simone / Reddit

Seeing the bunny and cat lying down together is the sweetest thing ever! I love how comfortable and calm they look beside each other. It looks like they both have become best friends for life!

18. No more Xbox today!

Via © Pallychris / Reddit

She is tired of her siblings playing Xbox the whole day. She wants them to play with her now after all the waiting!

19. Golden baby!

Via © meimeigame / Reddit

This cat has the most beautiful pattern ever! She looks so comfortable under the sun. She is probably getting that tan for the beach!

Even if cats pick the weirdest spots in the house to sleep, pet owners do not get bothered. I mean, who can possibly get annoyed by these beautiful creatures resting and sleeping so peacefully? Sometimes when my cat is sleeping in a cute position, I get filled me so many giggles and love that I get the urge to hug her tight till the day’s end. So these creatures can take whatever place in the house they want, they are more than welcome! And I think most pet lovers and cat lovers would agree.

Share a picture of your cat sleeping in a funny spot in the house and share this with your cat-lover friends!


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