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14 Stories That Tells Us What Our Cats Do When They Go Outside

Cats keep many secrets.

This is especially true if your cat has a door that leads outside. While indoor cats are housebound and thus are always in front of your eyes, the same can’t be said for cats that roam outside. And no I am not talking about feral cats. I am talking about cats that are allowed to go outside. Now I am not going to debate whether keeping your cat always indoors is the best idea or not because there are many factors that affect this. And we are only here to see what our cats do when they go outside.


As we all know cats are curious creatures and this means that they will sniff everything and try to do things that are not advised. This includes jumping on things even when they can see that the foundation is rickety and thus they end up in the water. These are just some of the things that make it so fun to have cats. You never know what adventures your cat gets up to when you are not around them. Well, today we are going to shed a little bit of light on this.

Scroll below to take a look at what these facebook comments had to share about their cats.

#1 I don’t think anyone would be angry about this. It sounds like a big plus to me.

Via Aagaard Dueholm

#2 I never understood why cats love scrunchies or steal them.

Via Morrisey Jarman

#3 This cat clearly knows that she has two houses and thus rules two separate homes.

Via Charlie Bowden

#4 Sometimes you just have to go with the flow when it comes to cats as you can’t do anything about it.

Via Michael White

#5 This is how cats get fat even if you don’t feed them a lot or keep them on a healthy diet.

Via Tom OBrien

#6 The kitty was clearly excited about Christmas presents and decided to invade this house.

Via Jenny Flower

#7 This sort of thing happens all the time even now and I have two tiny kittens living in my backyard right now.

Via Barbara Creamer

These are just some stories of what cats get up to. There are many reasons as to why a cat would go into someone else’s house and it is not always because their hoomans don’t give them enough food. Cats don’t have the same need to not overeat as humans so if they think they can get more food from somewhere else, they will do it. And some cats even go as far as to act sick so someone else pays attention to them. While other kitties just get bored easily and look for stimulation outside.

#8 And one can never say no when it comes to demands from a cat.

Via Lanette A. Anoneurbiz

#9 The black cat was looking for a soft place to nap and found it.

Via Abby Ferguson

#10 The kitty does not look too happy with the window blocking her from jumping in.

Via Mary Kavanagh

#11 Okay, this is just adorable.

Via Craig Hunt

#12 It seems that these two are having a secret romance and they were caught red-handed.

Via Amanda Basham

#13 In fairness, cats do love cool places so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Via Elena Kathleen
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#14 We just have to accept that cats own us and we will be much happier once we understand.

Via Drew Buscho

What does your cat do when it’s not home? Do they go to a neighbor’s home? or have you never been able to find out? Comment down below and let us know.


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