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This Is What It Looks Like When Cats Love Their Humans A Little Too Much

We, humans, love our cats as if they are our own children, but have you ever come across cats who love you endlessly with all the respect and clinginess all in one? Have you ever wondered if there has been a specific day where they have loved you a bit too much than other days?


Cats being moody is quite common, they do what they like when it pleases them and their time frame. But them being a bit too generous about loving their owner is a bit too overwhelming to think about since that is a rare sight to experience. Thus, with such cats who love their owners unconditionally, whichever corner or stone you flip, there they are waiting to stick by your side till the definition of boundaries is just no more.

1. The unconditional love of cats and kids is just too cute to see.

Kids and cats get along well, since the size of the cat is bigger than usual, they seem to be bonding quite well and the cat is being too generous with its emotions.

2. “Just in case you don’t have a helmet, I will risk my life to protect you”.


Cats are so uncertain about where they sit and where they are, they are found in the most absurd places one can think of and you wouldn’t even realize it till it is too late.

3. The cat is making sure that the human knows that everything will be okay.


Just in case you are unaware of what may or may not happen, all the cats can advise you on is through their non-verbal gestures, assuring you that everything will soon get better, just hang in there.

4. The cat loves the owner a bit too much to accompany them literally everywhere.


Who needs friends and family when cats can be enough to deal with sometimes.

Keep scrolling down to check if you can relate to any of this.

5. The cat is confused as to what it sees…


There is no concept of invasion of privacy because there are no boundaries of any privacy. The cats will be there whenever you do or do not want them there.

6. The perfect bed for the cat is two keyboards.


If one keyboard is not comfortable enough, we shall add another one just in case to add the extra comfort so that the human becomes fully incapable to do their work.

7. All the cat needs is some form of loving, even if they have to beg for it.


Cats get what they want to get when they want to get it.

8. Just hold them tight when they are having too many loving episodes.


Cats love humans unconditionally sometimes and that can just become a bit too overwhelming.

9. “Even if I have to play with your beard to express my love, I’ll make sure to do that too”.


They have to cling to their owners to prove their point.

10. If the owner is trying to sleep, they just won’t give up their habits.


The epitome of cats trying to get way too close to you to the point you just give up on concepts of privacy and boundaries.

11. Sleep tight, the cat’s by your side.

Cats and babies are just too cute and they create such beautiful bonds.

12. Clingy enough? The cat is living in the nest upstairs.


Do your cats be just as clingy? Are they just as good at expressing their love to you? Cats are just there by your side through the thick and thin. They are your paw buddies and would make sure to stick by through all your phases of life. Do you believe that cats can be so affectionate or do they have their means behind such gestures?


What do you think?