These 25 Animals Don’t Take “No” For An Answer

Animals often like to visit the forbidden side.

I think it would be unfair of me to not acknowledge the fact that the forbidden side of this world has its own fun and joy. You are always curious to know how it feels to step into a world where you are no longer obliged to agree to anyone, your obedient self gets taken over by your rebellious self and you end up becoming disobedient. What basically happens is the person or animal who decides to become a rebel forgets any concept of No when it is being said to them and masters the same concept when they have to say it. Imagine you wake up one day and start saying no to everything you are being asked to do. That feeling is often enjoyed by animals because they too enjoy testing waters in that forbidden side, quite often.


You never really know what your pet animal is thinking, you might feel they are smiling at you so they must be feeling very happy but it could be a sarcastic smile and they could be plotting murder against you. So you can say it is very normal of them to become disobedient at times because they are as emotional as us and anything we do, they can do, even better at times.

Today we are going to enjoy some hilarious instances of animals just straight up being disobedient and not taking “No” for an answer.

Let’s enjoy our favorite pets being rebellious with confidence.

1. What do you mean you have to do homework just when I wanted to play with you? I will eat your pencils alive so you are left with no option.

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2. Dad kept asking the dog to get off but it had already declared Dad as its new pillow.


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3. The husky was left unattended for a minute and this is how he protested by blocking the toilet of his owner.


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4. They told the parrot not to eat the stuff that belongs to the house, he did the exact opposite.


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5. His hardworking dad had just finished pouring concrete on the platform and this is how the pup applauded his efforts.


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6. Stevie likes the titled version of the paintings so every time his owner straightens them, he puts them back into their right position.


Via mikenmar / reddit

7. Can’t help it.


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8. Are you reading the book again and not petting me?


Via ClaimedBeauty / reddit

9. I am sure no one’s watching, let me quickly grab a piece before my owners take a picture of me stealing and shaming me publicly.


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10. This parrot loves to live on the edge.


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11. She is chilling on of her owner’s crochet projects and by her likes, she gives no bucks about it.

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12. Ain’t no disability topping this animal from being a rebel.


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13. He was just trying to have some dinner and his cat decided to block his food hole just because it can.

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I won’t lie to you guys, I have seen humans be rebels and I understand what sort of a feeling it is because I myself have been one at times. But this is so different, it feels so cool to all these animals just being so disobedient. Only animals can make rebelliousness or being disobedient look cool. We must not dig deep into how they do it, we must enjoy these hilarious acts.

Let’s enjoy some more pets having no concept of the word “No”.

14. The dog got gifted a new bed and the cat took over it as soon as it was put in place.


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15. The baby goat wasn’t getting the attention it wanted so this is the approach she took.

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16. What are you looking at? It’s hot outside.


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17. Puzzle? What puzzle? It is only I.

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18. The entire family had to squeeze into one couch because the other one was


Via rockchick1982 / reddit

19. I won’t get off until I get my daily dose of belly rubs. 

Via Pretending2beme / reddit

20. You were watching TV too long and I was worried about your eyesight. 


Via daammnbooiiii / reddit

21. This feline loves stabbing its owner’s toothpaste with its teeth. 

Via -twistedflatcat- / reddit

22. If you deny me that delicious fish I see at the back, I will peck this window until it breaks. 


Via Mustardbyname / reddit

23. Caught in the act of gaining lots of weight. 

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24. “He thought I needed a new scarf.”

Via Skunkpuffer / reddit

25. “Forgot to close the lid.”

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I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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