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50 Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Capture Life With Cats

These comic strips are purrfect.

Cats can be quite mysterious. You never know what’s going on in their head when they scratch you one minute and cuddle with you in the next. Maybe all of them are bipolar or maybe they are just cats. Nobody knows but what we do know is most cats are the same. And that means that most if not all cat owners know about all of the following shenanigans.


We are well aware that there are millions of comics about cats on the Internet. But when it comes to cats, more is always appreciated. These comics were made by the already well-known artist who goes by the handle CatsuTheCat. They have merchandise, comics, and basically everything related to cats.

That is why today we are going to take a look at some relatable comics that will make you want to cuddle your furry creature. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: catsuthecat

#1 Everything that is not intended for the kitty is absolutely delicious.

#2 It’s always a party!


#3 Even if your legs are dead, you never move.


#4 Wherever the sun is, the cat will be.


#5 Right?


This is what the artist had to say about their comics.

We are small family business based in Tallinn, Estonia. Along with designing feline-themed merchandise we draw comics every week and post them on our website (and everywhere else, really).

Our cat Dita is our Muse and inspiration. She is one very special cat for us and you can probably say we are cat-persons to the point when it even gets a bit eccentric.

#6 Honestly humans need to mind their own business.


#7 I actually had this happen to me a few days ago.


#8 I think most people can relate to this as well.


#9 Different perspectives are good as well.


#10 When kids go to get an injection.


Catsu started couple of years ago when I got obsessed with the idea of making small batches of designer items united with a theme of one certain character — little black cat with a bit crazy look. Later we figured out the name (Catsu is similar to “cat” pronunciation with japanese accent) and our stuff started to get more and more popular.

#11 I need a cat’s secret.

#12 Turns out, it was quite long.


#13 The perfect time to wake up.

#14 Of course you are.


#15 ‘The last one is a catastrophe.’

We got two distributors (one in Russia and one in Latvia) but we still had no personal space, except our own blogs, for selling our items. This was the moment we got to the conclusion we need our own web-shop.

We are based in a small european country named Estonia, but we gladly ship to every part of the world which has a mailbox nailed to the fence.

#16 These are all scientifically correct.


#17 The best way to wake up.

#18 The cat is the boss in the relationship.


#19 ‘You have ruined everything!’

#20 You will never understand huh?


#21 This cat is a ninja.

#22 Hear her roar.


#23 There are many more shapes reserved for another day.

#24 So basically a toddler then?

#25 Cats sure are selfish.

I had the pleasure of living with a cat for a few days and let me say these comics have never rung this true for me. Cats do all this and more which makes me wonder why we love them so much. Is it the face? I bet it’s the face!

#26 ‘Should I search my stomach?’


#27 I have no idea how this even happens.


#28 Use the cat as a pillow.

#29 The kitty has her ways.


#30 It was definitely a trap.

#31 Always and forever.

#32 This is adorable.


#33 They are the best at it.

#34 But chonky cat is the best!

#35 I wish I knew this before.


#36 Oh she noticed alright.

#37 When you tell someone else to kill a bug for you.

#38 Caught cat-handed.


#39 ‘I have found a friend.’

#40 This is why humans are at the top of the food chain.

#41 Personally I like the hat the best.


This is how cats like to wake you up in the morning. There is also the lick to the nose so you have a wet nose in the morning. Or perhaps we should talk about the infamous butt to the face.

#42 They have their own whims.

#43 Cats can go into a sudden frenzy.

#44 Every time you eat anything.


#45 The masterpiece has been ruined!

#46 Very true.

#47 The tongue has pulled my heartstrings.


#48 Cats sure do care for their hoomans.

#49 If it fits, I sit.

#50 ‘Yes and I will continue to talk to her.’

Did you find these as relatable as we did? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share with your friends so they can enjoy some cat-themed comics as well.


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