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12 Heart Warming Stories Of Cats Showing Love That Prove Cats Are Angels

Rule Number 1: When you give love to cats, they will for sure give love back.

Cats have their own way to show love to their hoomans. Some people would say cats are cold and too full of themselves but that is not true. It’s a personality and no one can do anything about that. We’ve got grumpy relatives. Do we disown them? No, we don’t. We find the good in their attitude and it all works out eventually. The same is the case with cats.


Just like how grumpy relatives invite you to good dinners at times, cats of all personalities and behaviors like to show love and affection as well. Cats realize the effort their owners put in to give them the best possible life. And sometimes, kitty cats are not shy at all to recognize that openly and show lots of love and affection.

These adorable stories are living proof that cats care for people too. Let’s enjoy these stories together and feel free to share this article with your mates as well.

1. Pure and contagious

Credits: Dan Happs

2. Aww. That’s so nice of you, Chloe


Credits: Candice Marie Chase Smith

3. They understand human emotions


Credits: Mary Gillis

4. Such a compassionate cat. What a lovely story. You’re very lucky, Laura, and we hope you’re well now.



Credits: Laura Conrad

5. Always have faith in your cats. Just like Faith had faith in her cat


Credits: Faith Rees

6. Cats can’t see their owners in pain


Credits: Mandy Ewertz

See? They excel in every aspect. Cats are the most whatever-the-best-word-there-is-in-the-English-language creatures. They notice everything. Let’s say there’s a cat owner who gives his cat belly rubs every time he comes home from the office. And then one day he doesn’t do that, the cat is gonna know something is wrong and slowly it’s gonna sit near mommy or daddy and meow in a very cute voice to ask what’s the problem.

Honestly, we don’t deserve them.

7. That’s a really good strategy, Glenn. Such a lovely and caring cat


Credits: Cynthia Gaines

8. All wars put aside for the greater good


Credits: Dorinda Mayhue

9. A cat caretaker. I want one.


Credits: Mary Jane Garcia

10. It takes a little time to connect with them, but once the connection is established there is no going back

Credits: Lori Wallace

11. Detective Sam at your service


Credits: Minna Ikäheimo

12. They know our routines better than we do. Adorable creatures!

Credits: Heather Weeks

Wow. Best stories ever. One thing is for sure, cats do not enjoy the sight of their parents being unwell. They would do anything in their power to make them well. From being a daily alarm for medicine to laying beside their sick owner on the bed for as long as they are resting, you can’t beat cats when it comes to love and affection.
How could a person resist not loving this animal? Trust us, no matter how much shade your cat throws, keep loving it back because when cats show love, it’s the best feeling in the whole wide world.
We hope you guys enjoying reading this article. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below. Stay tuned for more!

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