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24 Times Cats Surprised Humans With Their Heroic Acts

Why should dogs get all the spotlight?

Cats are just as heroic as them. There are a lot of stereotypes regarding cats. They are known to be lazy, mean, selfish, and heartless. But we’re here to break those stereotypes. These furry babies have the biggest hearts, and they spread love wherever they go!


Here are 10+ kitties who proved themselves to be real-life heroes:

1. Masha

An Obninsk city resident named Irina found Masha constantly meowing in a cardboard box. At first, she thought Masha was wounded, but upon further investigation, she found out that Masha found a newborn baby boy abandoned in the cardboard box. Masha immediately started taking care of him and kept him warm. She meowed to grab people’s attention so that they would save the child. The baby was taken to the hospital and was found in good health. Masha was rewarded with treats and a lot of respect afterwards!

2. Scarlett

In Brooklyn, New York, a fire broke out in 1996 in a garage. Firefighters were able to reach the scene in time and put out the fire. However, one of the firefighters named David Giannelli found a cat carrying her kittens out of the garage. She was severely sore, he described “her eyes were blistered shut, her ears and paws burned, and her coat highly singed [,] the majority of her facial hair had been burnt away.” Because the blisters had closed her eyes shut, she patted each of her kittens with her nose to make sure they were all there. Thankfully, they all made it and were adopted later by 3 families. Scarlett is very famous now as there are books about her too. What a brave kitty!


3. Smudge

Smudge saved his 5-year-old owner Ethan from oppressor. As they pushed Ethan to the ground, his mother saw the them from the window and rushed to the door. By the time she reached there, she saw Smudge hissing and backing them off. “I happened to find this younger boy laid on his back on my lawn in tears with a cat sat on his belly!” Ethan’s mother, Sarah Fenton said. They were terrified and ran away, and Smudge was crowned a hero after that day.


4. Tara

Tara the Tabby cat saved her four-year-old owner Jeremy from a dog attack. Jeremy was on his bicycle when Scrappy the dog bit his leg. Tara ran towards the dog and tackled him off. She fought off the dog while Jeremy’s mother rushed to her son. After scaring the dog off, Tara ran back towards Jeremy to make sure he was safe. Tara was given awards for her bravery afterwards.

5. Tom

Tom detected his owner Sue McKenzie’s cancer back in 2014. He used to constantly pat the back of her neck and meow. Sue didn’t think much of it at first, but later she went to the doctor to get it checked and it turned out that she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She got treated for it soon after and became cancer-free. It was all thanks to Tom, who gave her a heads up!


6. Pwditat.

Judy Godfrey-Brown from Holyhead, North Wales owned a Labrador named Tervel, who was blind because of cataract. Tervel avoided even getting out of his bed because he would run into things. Judy later took in a cat who developed a liking towards Tervel. Pwditat soon proved to be a great friend to Tervel by guiding him everywhere he went!


7. Homer

Named after the blind Greek author, Homer had his eyes surgically removed because of a very bad infection. He saved his owner Gwen Cooper from a theif in their house. Gwen woke up to homer hissing and attacking him in her room. She scratched and bit the intruder till he ran off. Homer had a book written about him later.


8. Pudding

Pudding was adopted by Amy Jung and her son Ethan from the Door County Humane Society shelter in Wisconsin. The night they adopted her, Amy had a diabetic seizure and collapsed. Pudding sprang on top of her and tapped her nose until Amy woke up. Once she was awake, Amy struggled to call her son, to which Pudding responded by running towards Ethan and waking him up. Ethan took care of his mother afterwards and Pudding got registered as a service animal for Amy.


9. Koshka

Sgt. Jesse Knott was deployed in Afghanistan where he met Koshka amongst some strays. He took care of Koshka and saved her from animal unkindness which was common in the area. He started having give up thoughts as well but Koshka became one of his biggest supports in his time of need. She would cuddle up with him and purr whenever he was upset. When it was time for Sgt. Knott to go back home, he arranged for Koshka to go back with him.


10. Dr Leon Advogato

Dr Leon Advogato was a stray cat roaming around the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB). People were annoyed by his presence there and filed complaints against him. The OAB, however, was very fond of him and hired him as a lawyer! He later became the face of the institute Instituto Dr. Leon.


11. Luna

Luna saved the Chappell-Roots, a family of 8, from a very dangerous house fire. Luna started playing and biting the mother Emily’s feet while she was asleep. When Emily finally woke up, she noticed that the kitchen was on fire. The family was evacuated from the house. All thanks to Luna for waking them up on time!


12. Tiger

Tiger’s 97-year-old owner Sophie Thomas was watering her plants in her garden when the neighbor’s four pit bull circled her. They were about to lunge towards her when Tiger sprung between them and took the attention away from Sophie. Sophie took this as a chance to run back into the house, soon joined by Tiger safely. The neighbors later apologized and claimed that the dogs were merely playing.

13. Jessi-Cat

Jessi-Cat helped the boy overcome a lot of his anxiety by providing him comfort and cuddles.


14. Tommy

Gary Rosheisen was trying to teach his cat Tommy to dial 911 in case of emergencies but was never sure if he had actually learned to or not. One day, Gary collapsed because of high blood pressure. 911 received a call but no one spoke on the phone. They called back but no one received the call. So they sent  Officer Patrick Daugherty to investigate. When the officer entered the house, he saw Gary on the floor and Tommy with the phone. It was bizarre, but the cat actually saved his owner by dialing 911.

15. Missy

Angela Tinning from Newcastle reported that her cat started behaving very unusual all of a sudden. She started pawing her chest and would not stop even after Angela asked her to. In 2013, Angela went for a checkup and it turned out that she had cancer. She had the cancer cells surgically removed, and thanks Missy for saving her life.


16. Blake

Glen Schallman has a number of rare brain diseases. HE gets seizures often in his sleep which he does not feel coming. His cat, Blake, detects them and wakes Blake up by biting and playing with his feet. Blake has saved his life several times and thanks to Blake, he is the oldest known man with this rare brain disease.

17. Schnautzie

Greg and Trudy adopted a black kitten that saved their lives. One night, Schnautzie woke up Trudy by touching her nose in her sleep and then sniffing around in the air. Trudy woke up and investigated the house, where she found a ruptured gas pipe. The couple left the house immediately and called firefighters, who told them that the house could blow up if the heater would have turned on.


18. Faith

In 1936, Father Henry Ross let a stray named Faith into the St. Augustine’s Church in London. In 1940, Faith gave birth to a kitten who was later named Panda. Faith kept insisting that the kitten should be kept in the cellar, even after the Father constantly took them out of there. Faith would bring the kitten back to the cellar by carrying her from her neck. On September 9th, the upper part of the church was blown off by the Blitz attack on central London. Faith and Panda were found safe in the basement among-st the rubble.

19. Sally

Craig Jeeves was saved by his pet cat Sally a year after adopting her. Craig’s house caught fire and Sally woke him up by jumping on his head. It took eight firefighter crews to take out the fire. His house was completely destroyed but he made it out alive thanks to Sally.


20. Rusty

66-year-old Claire Nelson suffered from a silent heart attack and didn’t realize it. Her cat, Rusty, however, noticed. Rusty acted strangely and kept pawing his owner’s legs and chest until she went for a checkup. Her medical condition was then diagnosed and she received a surgery that saved her life.

21. Simon

Simon was chosen to take care of a rat infestation in the Royal Navy sloop HMS Amethyst in the late 1940s. He was very good at catching rats and boosted the spirits of sailors, so they decided to keep him around. He even survived several cuts from the Yangtze Incident but later died because of some infection. He was buried with complete military honors. He was also awarded the Dickin Award for his services.


22. Slinky Malinky

Janet Rawlinson overdose to help with her chronic back pain. When you overdose, you can become absentminded and slip into a coma. Janet accidentally overdosed and fell unconscious on her couch for 5 days. Slinky Malinky saved her life by drawing the neighbour’s attention towards herself. She teased their dog and clawed at the windows until they realised something was wrong. They entered her home and found Janet on her sofa. They called for help and Janet was saved. Slinky Malinky was awarded National Cat Award of 2014 for this act.

23. Charley

Susan Marsh-Armstrong suffered from hypoglycemia and collapsed in the bathroom one night. Her cat Charley woke up her husband by licking his face and constantly meowing. Kevin followed the cat to the bathroom where he found his wife unconscious on the floor. He quickly gave her a glucose injection to revive her. Charley got Hero Cat of the Year 2012 award for this.

24. Tom

In the Crimean War in 1855, the British and French troops ran out of food supplies after a year-long siege. Tom helped the troops find hidden stashes for the troops and saved them from starvation. He also became a very good friend to them. Tom was taken back to Britain when the war was over but he died soon after. He was stuffed after his death.


Do you have any heroin cat stories to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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