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20 Creative Warning Signs That Are Both Abrupt And Hilarious At The Same Time

Warning signs are planted to make us aware but these ones were planted to make us laugh.

Warning signs are very important and hold a huge significance in terms of human safety. They alert you of the dangers if you don’t follow the instructions of that signboards and sometimes the alerts are posted in a very threatening way because I guess, those signboard makers know that human beings don’t process anything that is said with a polite tone, so aggressively threatening signboards are the one to go. In spite of all these efforts for our very own safety, some people still like to mess with what is forbidden. As if the signs don’t mean anything to them and their adventurous asses need to do exactly what they are told not to do. Signs at construction sites, zoos, highways, all get trashed often by the egos of the entitled.


So in other to make things work, some very creative people of the world decided to plant signs that are not just threatening but abrupt as well. The straightforward signs fully deliver the repercussions of ignoring the warning signs. It’s just that level of abruptness that makes them very hilarious to read as well.

Here are some straightforward but also very hilarious signboards for you guys to enjoy.

Scroll down below to see them for yourselves!

1. “Criciduke enclosure at Sydney Aquarium.”

Image source: ReginaldHardwick

2. Let’s Google all the dogs in the world and explore all their favorites 3 days to shortlist the right one.


Image source: Paul Smith

3. Tigers do prefer fresh meat and I am not sure many of us are too “fresh” for their likings.


Image source: tripadvisor

4. “Gotta be bold to urinate in public in Tirana, Albania.”


Image source: LittleCrumb

5. Not sure how I am supposed to depict this. Should I cry as I drive or drive as if I have lost everything?


Image source: ledromire

6. What do you mean every Thursday? What if I got lost on a Friday…What will I eat for 6 days? The corn?


Image source: shidanesayo

7. How to avoid trespassing 101.


Image source: Gymnos84

8. “Presenting Exhibit A”


When you care for people but also are a lawyer.

Image source: phitter72

9.  “Public service announcement to all kids.”


Crying is for the weak. *cries as I see my death*

Image source: vampedvixen

10. That warning sign went to a 100 real quick.


These signs are way too creative for us. So good and absolutely serve the purpose they were made of. If I were to come across at such a warning sign. I would certainly abide but would also be laughing my ass off on my way back. I believe this is the way to go. Tell them No but make them smile in the process as well.

Let’s enjoy some more hilarious warning signs that are made to threaten you and make you laugh at the same time.

Image source: dontwantyourtitpm

11. “Found this gem at a local bulk foods store.”

Image source: OnsetOfMSet

12. I am just going to turn around, mind my own business, and run as fast as I can right back to where I came from.


Image source: unfamiliar-ceiling

13. You don’t say!

Image source: Svensit

14. “This sign at my uncle’s house.”


That’ll keep them away but may attract Logan Paul…okay sorry.

Image source: nateair

15. “Just another day in Alaska.”

I’d use all the forces in my body to slam that door shut after reading that sign.

Image source: electronicthesarus

16. This is how the Constitutional laws should be. Be responsible or get eaten by a crocodile or bitten by a snake. Very simple.


Image source: domeafavour97

17. “Tecas, home of the world’s scariest sign!”

What exactly do you mean by falling snakes? Like I am very curious…would god just open the snak tap?

Image source: RCViking44

18. Just don’t. Will be in everyone’s good interest.


What if my job is to tell you how to do your job? It’s a dead end then.

19. “No worries, 3 layers of glass still remain to protect you from the King of the Jungle.”

That definitely makes me feel very secure!

Image source: Tails_RulesTheWorld

20. This sign at an Irish Zoo caring for its animals is so adorable.


You could die but that’s okay. The animals shouldn’t get sick at any cost.

Image source: OctopussSevenTwo

I am pretty sure people will oblige to all these signs. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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