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11 Night Shift Workers Shared Their Creepiest Paranormal Experiences

We have seen so many movies on paranormal activities and some of them are even based on a real story. It would be fair to say that horror movies and TV shows do provide very good visuals to a horror story which makes the story appear to be more realistic. You are able to imagine scenes and the story more clearly. However, personal anecdotes by other people aren’t any less scary either. In fact, with personal details, the stories people tell seem way more real than any movie or TV show. The fact that people we know have been through these things makes it more creepy.


To all those who crave stories about paranormal activities, here are few doses of it. Scroll away!

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1. The little girl

That is so creepy. I honestly have a strong feeling there is something paranormal about this because there is no way any sane person would be in the store with their little girl crying all the time.

2. Radio, the murderer


I am at a loss for words. It is hard to imagine how this woman even had the courage to even enter this place after this incident. This is beyond scary! I am filled with curiosity about what is it about the radio. Who was the patient speaking to? Did some ghost come out to the radio and actually killed patients? I guess the truth dies with the patients too.

3. The creepy subway



I would give my resignation right there and then. Oh my god! What was up with the wind chimes? This subway was totally haunted.

4. Casper is real!


Now every time I watch that movie,  I will be reminded of this story. God, I had completely forgotten about that movie.

5. The crashed vehicle


I may have had doubts about whether the paranormal activity is real or not, but reading this story wiped away all my doubts. It is confirmed that paranormal activities exist.

6. The horror of IHOP


Well, I guess now none of us would be going to IHOP. Black figures are at the peak of paranormal activity!

7. Night watch


8. Psych ward at its worst


This is a clear warning for all the psychology majors! I hope you all are ready to experience the spirits and ghosts of the deceased clients.

9. Disappeared in thin air


I am completely stunned! Thank God none of us were there to experience such an absurd incident. I would probably stop believing in reality if this happens to me.

10. The crazy patient

I would not know whether to be scared of the patient or the invisible creature behind me

11. Silhouette


Run for your damn life! I cannot believe people have to actually work and live every day at places they know are haunted.

So apparently every worker at the hotel knows about the ghosts. We all need to have a conversation with the owner of this hotel. How can someone let people work when such activities are going on?


Oh, so there is more!

I cannot believe this person is still working at this freakish place!

12. Old folks home!


I would gladly give up my job. It’s just not worth it! ]

13. Friendly Bill

I cannot tell if this person is being serious or just trying to cope with this crazy situation.

Wow, those were really scary stories. There was a time when I did not believe in any kind of paranormal activities at all. Of course, it id because I had never been through such a thing ever in my life. I always saw it in movies and TV shows, but never in real life. Even though some movies mentioned that they were based in real life, It is hard to believe such things. However, after reading personal anecdotes of people with paranormal activities, no one can deny that such things exist.

Have you ever experienced paranormal activity in your life? Let us know!


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