10+ Wholesome Stories That Prove People Love Their Pets More Than Anything

No matter how many times someone says they don’t like pets, they’re lying!

It’s just impossible to resist small little furballs that run around all the time for absolutely no reason. I mean, I can’t help but love them even if they mess up my entire house. Pets are the answer to everything in life! Whether you’re sick, stressed out, feeling down or getting bored your pet will always be there to make your day better.

Pets are your ultimate best friends. People leave you sometimes, and even over the most trivial things but your pet would stick with you through thick and thin! Now, that’s a kind of bond and love that’s hard to find elsewhere. Which is why everyone loves their pets even if they’re too shy to admit it.

For example, we all know those dads who never admit they love cats but then we see them sleeping on the couch with the family cat. That’s just how it works. So, if you still believe that some people have a hard time getting along with their family pets scroll on below and take a look the following people.

Royal treatment.




Yeah, he clearly hates them.


Look how happy he looks!


Why are all dads like this?


This is so cute, I’m crying!


Mama’s boy!




Omg! They’re so excited!


Do you have anyone in the family who says they don’t love pets but they clearly do? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

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