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40 Pictures Showing Dark Side of Mother Nature That’ll Creep The Hell Out Of You

Nature works in mysterious ways.

Whenever we hear the word ‘nature’ we start to think of flowers, forests, mountains and all things beautiful. Nature is, undoubtedly, mesmerizing and one always feels amazing to be in the company of it. It relaxes your mind and soul and helps in taking the stress of human environment off. But, as Tennyson says that nature is red in tooth and claw, it has a dark and spooky side to it as well. It overwhelms us with its vastness and versatility and also scares us sometimes with the unusual things it has.


As the spooky season is approaching, we all want some eerie stuff to watch(for the culture of course) We have, for this reason, combined a number of pictures in this thread. These photos show mother nature’s somewhat scary side that will definitely make you skin crawl.

So, let’s get started.

#1 This gecko has three tails.

via: Osshhhh


via: geisslereliz

#3 “A beehive built around wind chimes at my friend’s house.”

via: Mark Raycroft

#4 “Centipede walking out from its predator after being eaten by it.”

via: Xavier Bonnet

#5 This cicada is shedding its shell.

via: Snarcasm101

Makeover time!

#6 “Arachnids aren’t safe from cordyceps fungus either.”

via: Hovie1

Well, this is creepy and amazing at the same time. One can only wonder how does all of this possibly happen. But whatever the reason, mother nature can surprise us in numerous ways. And these photos are the proof of it. We still have many left, so keep going.

#7 This mussel has a half eaten crab in it. Two in one.

via: jaredjeya

#8 “Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell”

via: SplitArgento

How can i unsee this?

#9 Crab with another smaller claw.

via: damn_u_scuba_steve

#10 These flowers look more like skulls on the plant.


#11 This is Clathrus Archeri also called ‘the devil’s fingers’

via: DJHbutterflies

#12 “My cousin caught a lobster with double pinchers. Both claws work.”

via: aperull

#13 This frog was almost dead, but came back to life after water was splashed on it.

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via: 9999monkeys

#14 These worm species are called Eulagisca Gigantean.

via: Grim_Reaper_O7

#15 No, that’s not mud. These are fire ants floating after flood.

via: TheScaryNature

#16 Nature had different plan for this fish’s nose.

via: beardol

#17 A fish with human teeth. Creepy much?

via: nikflesch

#18 Therapist: What do we do when we are frustrated

Gecko: Eat your own tail

Therapist: noooooo

via: HPLovecraft1890

#19 “Battle-scarred Hippo”

via: _waffleiron

#20 “An abandoned hornet’s nest my dad found in his shed that he hadn’t been in for a couple years. The head is apart of a wooden statue it fused with.”

via: CountBubs

I’d be so freaked out if i saw this irl.

#21 Can somebody explain what sorcery is this?

via: 3urny

#22 A floating island of fireants.

via: jumbodung

#23 The lamprey’s mouth from inside.

via: blickwinkel

#24 This lava pit looks like a door to hell.

via: hip_hop_opotimus

#25 “So many bees in the wall that their honey is leaking through an outlet.”

via: bex4331

#26 Lightning did bad to this fishing rod.

via: BubbleBoyB

#27 “This tree in Nebraska was struck by lightning and burning afterwards a day later”

via: kimchigimchee

#28 This lizard grew a foot at its tail. Bad*ss.

via: NegativeCreep12

#29 “Mama centipede protecting her babies”

via: gDisasters

#30 Owl made a nest from lemmings.

via: Christine Blais-Soucy

Well, well……..

#31″Cymothoa exigua is a type of parasite that enters fish’s gills, eats their tongue, and then replaces it.”

via: taffetatam

#32 Wingless fly penicillidia, a parasite, on bat.

via: Piotr Naskrecki

#33 A puffer fish’ skeleton.

via: helmstif

#34 “These reticulated pythons self-segregated themselves based on color just after hatching”

via: SkylerRaye

Creepy as hell.

#35 This caterpillar has head of a snake. Or this snake has the body of a caterpillar. Whatever.

via: yongchiunhuei

#36 Heron vs. snake.

via: Jose Garcia

Whose side you are on?

#37 Landslide in Taiwan.

via: itza_me

#38 Venus trap having lunch.

via: streamable

#39 “Ant on my porch carrying the head of his vanquished enemy”

via: liedel

Don’t mess with this ant.

#40 “Wasps build nest around a discarded child’s doll.”

via: ho-tron

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