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Filmmaker Asked People To Describe Their Favorite Movie “As Boring As Possible”, Gets Hilarious Answers

Can you guess a movie name if it is written as a boring description?

If you are meeting someone for the first time, what’s a good conversation starter? You can ask the other person about their studies, job, hobbies or about their favorite movie. Yeah, just ask the other person about their favorite movie and if you two like and have watched the same movie, there is so much you guys can talk about. You guys can spend hours discussing the characters, the story and other details. We have a different kind of attachment with our favorite movies and it’s hard we can hear anything against them.


Well, it is not always talking the good things about your favorite movies. Sometimes, it can be another way around. A filmmaker Romina added a twist to it and asked Twitter users to describe their favorite movies as boring as possible and you know how creative Twitter users are. They came up with hilarious replies and we are loving them all. This Twitter Thread got 66.2K retweets and comments and 29K likes. We are sure you would find them interesting and it’s impossible that you don’t laugh at them or relate to them. So, scroll down and enjoy!

Filmmaker Romina took it to Twitter to ask people to describe their favorite movie as boring as possible:


1. They spent 9 hours returning the ring.


Via: AstrogirlE33

Lord of the Rings.

2. A young girl on a mission to kill people.


Via: yeggcentral

The Wizard of Oz.

3. The old lady tells a story about a boat that sank.


Via: verbosca


4. Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Via: TristenNaylor

5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Via: travis_norman

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Via: timmyvoe

7. Groundhog Day


Via: after_calm

Well, we all turn off alarms 3176 times.

8. Star Wars.


Via: mpopv

9. The Shining.


Via: dubmissionradio

10. Jurassic Park.

Via: MasaTanahash

11. Star Wars.


Via: LukeRussell1281

12. Ratatouille!

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Via: HihiSugarCub

13. Up!



Ellie’s departure made us sad.

14. The Princess Bride.

Via: codywanner

15. Back to the Future.


Via: Techno_Minute

It is so fun to guess the movie names by these boring descriptions but some of these descriptions don’t sound boring. No matter how much you try, you can’t make them sound boring because the movies are too interesting to be described as boring. Scroll down for more!

16. Aliens.

Via: cantangus

17. Matrix.


Via: DevaniAnjali

18. Home Alone.

Via: DamnitMaurie

19. Forrest Gump.


Via: NathaSupertramp

20. Jurassic Park.

Via: ChrisLloydTV

21. The Exorcist.


Via: CLMQ77

22. The Breakfast Club

Via: cmattmetric

23. Fight Club.

Via: DKnight10000

24. Ghostbusters.

Via: Lynchct

25. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Via: notnotsteven

26. Die Hard!


Via: waltshaub

27. Gremlins.

Via: CLMQ77

28. Indiana Jones.


Via: RadioFreeTom

29. Inception.

Via: neal_acree

30. The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings.

Via: Infosmercial

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Comment down to let us know which of these boring descriptions made you laugh. Also, come up with your creative side and describe your favorite movie as boring as possible.


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