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Scammer Customer Tries Returning Painting After 4 Months

Some people are too low-life to the extent that they don’t understand in which place they are wrong. While shopping for anything, you must make sure that you would keep the thing. Instead of waiting for someone else’s time and money, you can be a little more rational and decisive. But dirtbag customers exist everywhere, right? Today, at defused, we have got a similar story for you all.


This old client attempts to dispute a cleared charge on a product they purchased four months earlier, lies about it, admits it, and then holds the transaction hostage. Where did these generous clients obtain the idea that this was the correct thing to do? Who are these arrogant, self-righteous people? It simply never ends. scroll down below to see how the customer made awful remarks and handled the situation in a completely inappropriate way.

1. Who does he think he is?

Text - 10:50 am Did you charge back? No why would you do that Good morning, Send again PayPal balance -$154.28 Add money to resolve your outstanding balance. Add Funds I didn't like it Yes you did, you said "so cute exactly like i asked thx so much babe " I can send you the screenshot it's literally right up there

2. When people are held accountable for their actions, they use things such as ‘harassment’ and ‘forcefulness’ on other people when in reality they, themselves are the doucheba**.

Text - Ok I will be blocking u if u dont stop harassing me. Huh? Blocking me for harassing you? You scammed me for my work. You asked me to change the entire idea of the painting at least 4 times and I still restarted with a whole new picture that you were indecisive about again and again. YOU want a huge canvas, You wanted me to paint your stupid ugly family. I spent all the money on the paints and spent a whole week and a half on it and now you're suddenly charging me back for the whole thing


The shopkeeper made a great explanation but the dirtbag customer was unable to understand that.

Text - Excuse me? III be reporting u Take ur stupid painting IIl ship it back to you I want a refund A REFUND? AFTER YOU ALREADY GOT THE MONEY? Yep send me $155 and l'll send you back the money What is wrong with you
4. This is a great idea, the chargeback must be disputed, such people need to learn.

Text - AnarchoNAP 9.1k points · 1 day ago O 3 You can dispute a chargeback. Send them these, the ordering messages, and anything else you got.

5. This is technically a fraud and strict action must be taken against the customer

Text - mayitasteyourpasta 18.0k points · 23 hours ago 2 4 e 3 E Have you called your bank? Isn't this technically fraud? wasispeedingofficer 11.1k points · 22 hours ago Yes, this behavior is fraudulent
It makes us irk, just the thought of such people. Time for feedback fellas, so what are your thoughts on this story? Have you ever dealt with any such ignorant customer? If you ever had, tell us the story in the comment section down below. For more spicy stories, stick around with defused. Have a nice day.

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