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16 Times Disney Characters Dish Out The Most Savage Insults and Comebacks

The Disney products are absolute originals! The ideas their films revolve around have always been so heart-touching and concrete. The warm and cold moments mingle to produce a masterpiece that always comes with a life lesson. That is why these films are so family-friendly and follow a certain pattern.


The quality that Disney has delivered in its films over years has been exceptional! Disney has an unprecedented fan base. It does not only comprise of a single generation, it takes a run along with multiple generations. The characters, animations, graphics, voice-over, story line up, and last but not least the script! Everything makes you want to set your sights. Talking about the script, it’s always so neatly tied in the story, that it’s not only the graphics you enjoy but every word being uttered by the characters makes it wholesome. Well, every Disney film includes different characters, some of them have a superb wit and sarcasm, which makes them stand out and win hearts.

When these characters with their audacious exterior and brassy accents step out to clap back at what HAD them, it’s actually so teasingly satisfying! The boldness however never tends to be non-family friendly… They are the fan’s favourite for a reason. These fandoms give rise to the most adored collectives, that’s exactly what we have here for you.

Here we’ve gathered some of the catchiest insults a Disney character could hit back with and which reflexively left the fans hysterically stunned. The OHHSSS couldn’t have been any louder!! Here’s a chance to relive these moments as a true Disney fan would…

1.  Kuzco is just being honest like he truly is

It’s funny how Kuzco doesn’t stand back in being the perfect prince and defames what he doesn’t find so appealing in the sweetest way possible!

2. Hermes not coming slow


Perhaps, a love greater than narcissus’s self-love?

3. A little too dense to grasp the joke, that’s it


Pumba’s too cute for this world! He isn’t dumb, just a little too pure who takes everything literally

4. Marie being THE lady


Hmm, that’s one way to perceive it.

5. “She destroyed sexism with one comeback”


Esmeralda making her way back to the Disney princess list!

6. He struck it better than ever this time!


The loudest thing he struck was 12 but that was before he gave the adored beast this reality check, LOL!

7. A real life-lesson


Why would somebody fall into the rabbit hole, if thinking was prior?

8. Well, we couldn’t agree more!


All lion king fans can relate…

9. OUCH, Timon


Why did Timon have to be so hard on our adorable little Simba!

Most of us grew up adoring the charming and soft-spoken characters of the Disney productions. But some of us are secretly obsessed over the sharpened characters of the films. One’s who have this wilder sides and a vocal personality. These Disney characters don’t stand back in giving the sassiest replies if somebody messes up with them. Their replies being perfectly indulged in the insulting tone leaves the other burnt to a crisp! There are reasons why these characters grew up to be a little too savage.

Let us unleash a little secret here!

Have you ever wondered why most of the Disney characters are either raised by a single parent or don’t have parents at all? They have grown up living among the calamities of life which made them a little harsh. Let’s look a little deeper at why this aspect had to be kept in check while developing Disney’s ever-loved characters,  “I’ll give you two stories that are the reasons. I never talk about this, but I will,” Don Hahn, executive producer of “Maleficent,” recently disclosed.

He added “One reason is practical because the movies are 80 or 90 minutes long, and Disney films are about growing up. They’re about that day in your life when you have to accept responsibility. Simba ran away from home but had to come back. In shorthand, it’s much quicker to have characters grow up when you bump off their parents. Bambi’s mother gets killed, so he has to grow up. Belle only has a father, but he gets lost, so she has to step into that position. It’s a story shorthand.” This definitely makes a lot of sense…

Keep scrolling to see more of the most applauded back-claps and they couldn’t have been more savage!

10. Possibly being as respectful as she can be


Amelia is THE QUEEN OF SARCASTIC INSULTS when it comes to reviewing the savage most back-fires in the Disney movies!

11. Dayum

Well, the future holds some secrets…

12. Nobody matches a hyena’s wit


This one tops the list of mocks, for sure!

It’s amazing how the writers carefully wrote these comebacks that wouldn’t even affect their audience, as a majority of the comebacks that we get to see nowadays are mostly vulgar. Now if you were a witty kid, you’d have picked up the comebacks but if you were not, you’d have just focused on the story more rather than the comebacks.

13. Someone couldn’t care less

His royalty matches his carper self

14. Destroying her princess moment like a pro!


It doesn’t just match my style sense…

15. Thank you, next

“And with guys like this, I’ll have white wine with”

16. Mommy knows best


That hit a little too hard *evil laughs*

17. Lethal

I wish there’s enough vocabulary for a kickback…

All of these stars stole the limelight right there and then in the movie, for being so hilariously sarcastic and yet being absolutely child-friendly! You probably would have missed most of these while watching the actual movie, that’s okay that is why we collected these at once and brought them to you so you could relish the moment all over again!

There are a lot more which we might have missed out on our list, remind us if we have left out some of the classics and we might come up with a sequel to this savage series to cherish our Disney fandom! Do give us a reminder on which ones are we missing out on, in the comments below.

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