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30 Flights That Had Doggo Passengers That Made Flights Less Boring

Only takes a ticket to travel the world. For dogs as well.

I believe it is safe to say that traveling is on everyone’s bucket list. And traveling isn’t always associated with going all around the world. Traveling could mean anything. Exploring your own country, your town, a hike, a vacation to another country. Could be anything. But it is always fun to get out of your house and explore. That first journey, be it an airplane or a railway journey, is always one to remember.


And guess who else loves to travel? Who else is very adventurous, and loves when mum or dad takes them out for a walk? Our good boys, doggos. Dogs love exploring. Their furever home is already so big, they could spend months exploring and would still find new stuff. Their excitement is what drives their motivation to stay adventurous. And, sometimes they get the opportunity to travel as well. On an airplane Yup! Some owners, who are super attached to their dogs can’t really live without them for a second. So, what they do is that they bring them along. Now do doggos love being 35,000 feet above sea level or not is a different question, but staying next to their owners at all times definitely gives comfort to both the dog and the owner.

Today I’ve got some pictures of doggos on flights. They are very hilarious and fun to watch. So get ready for a journey through the air.

1. “Opened a bag of jerky on a plane. This little fells popped out and surprised me.”

Via ejh1230

2. Doggo looks super nervous. Must be his first flight.


Via bootscrilla

3. “Sat next to someone famous on the plane.”


Via babygthefirst

4. When the flight gets longer than you expected it was going to be.


Via hoomankitteh

5. “Met this cute Lil guy on our plane.”


Via Avenge_her_uterus

6. Good boi making everyone’s experience good.


Via laranadiscoteca

7. A nice passenger.


Via Factory360

8. “My dog goofing off during our flight.”


Via thefruitsnackfiend

9. “Bentley got to meet the Captain after our flight home last night.”


Via iamkokonutz

10. “On my flight tonight, I sat two seats away from an Air Force K-9 bomb dog. This dog had its own seat and everything.


Via generalgbo

11. “Guy sitting next to me on a recent Southwest flight.”

Via Drwhalefart

12. “There’s a puppy on my plane and it just made my flight 100x better.”


Via Pb&Kelly

13. “This little guy was the most popular passenger on the plane today. The puppy, not me.”

Via 1234567890987Deee

14. First flight feels.


Via rockford4

15. “This is the time my daddy and my other daddy Martin (whom I miss so much) brought me from LA to NY on the plane! See, I was found on the means streets of South Central alone and scared but somehow, I found my way to my daddies (Daddy Wayne too) and the best life ever!”

Via oliversworld1Report

No passenger gets so much attention on a flight unless it’s a very famous personality or just a doggo. The coolest thing about dogs is that they don’t have to do anything to anything to get the attention of anyone. Think of it. Doggo on a plane? What else could be cooler?

Their expressions are so adorable. and it can easily be known which ones are on their first flights. While the regular travelers are chilling peacefully on their seats.

We’re not done yet so refill your snacks, cuz we’ve got some more goodness down below.

16. Pets take over plane cabin on Fort McMurray fire evacuee flight


Via spankr

17. Pop!

Via SucculentGravy

18. “A big dog had her own seat on my plane today.”


Via nsajirah2

19. Peek-a-Boo!

Via grokm3

20. “Had to put up with this obnoxiousness in the seat next to me on a connecting flight. Ruined my day.”


Via asciibutts

21. “I sat behind a Labradoodle the Luck Dragon on my flight yesterday.”

Via skycoaster

22. “My own personal service dog on flight Great Falls to Seattle.”


Via mnt406

23. “There was an Alaskan Husky on my flight.”

Via civilizer

24. “I am very afraid of flying. He made my flight 100x less terrifying. Thanks, pup.”

Via StressRelievingPooReport

Via ricknechio

26. ” Sky doggo didn’t make a single Awooo on the flight.”


Via GrandMasterKeK

27. “I hit the karma lottery and was given a free flight on a private jet to get my dog out of State from a bad foster situation.”


Via blahblahblahokay

28. “I had the cutest passenger on my flight today.”

Via frostyaviator

29. “Passenger in front of me on the plane kept playing Footsie with me. Finally looked down.”


Via Roggin

30. First flight expressions.

Via _TheGermanGuy_

That is it from wholesome doggos on their way to somewhere on the airplanes. I hope you guys loved these cute doggos chilling in the air. How could you not? It is dogs, after all.

Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Have you ever found a doggo on your flight? Let us know so we can add you to the list of ‘lucky travelers.’


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