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30 Passenger Dogs Who Would Make Anyone’s Boring Flying Experience Fun

You never who you’ve got on the plane with you

Don’t worry. I won’t go the hijacker or terrorist route, bu you really don’t know anything about their personalities, their attitudes, if they have a medical condition or not. You could be sitting with the president of a country you may no, or a movie star you actually recognize. That would be a good day, wouldn’t it? But the thing is, it is very unpredictable. You’re traveling 35,000 feet in the air with a couple hundred strangers. It does sound a little scary, trust me.

But no, no, no, I am not here to terrify or scare you. That is for some other day. Today I am going to talk about and show you a flight passenger anyone would instantly recognize. A passenger who can, yes, ruin your day unknowingly. But for the majority, they have this natural ability to make anyone’s flights 100 times better. They are known as dogs. 

Dogs are very adorable and can easily grab anyone’s attention, without even trying. It is because of their easily identifiable personality that makes it super easy to get familiar with a dog, unlike a human. And you can quickly know whether your flight is going to be a disaster or your best flight ever. I say if there’s a little pug on somebody’s flight. That loaf of bread would make anyone’s day.

Let’s see who these people encountered on their flights and was it a one to remember. Don’t know about them, but surely with be one to remember for you guys. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. “Dogs on a plane. Well, I’ve never seen that before.”


Via scott.milsom

2. “Met this little fella on his first flight.”


Via jayraybae

3. “The woman next to me on the plane has a pupper, and now I have a plane friend.”


Via mferris23

4. “Are we in heaven, daddy?”, those nervous eyes question.


Via lukirishka

5. Jake’s on a plane.


Via dogisgood

6. When you spot a cute doggo sitting next to you.


Via agonzal7

7. “I work as a flight attendant and this is the cutest passenger I have ever seen.” 100% correct!

Via sharkinspace

8. “This Irish Setter didn’t win the best in its group at Westminster, but it won the best in first-class on my flight.”


Voa mepper

9. Howdy!

Via jiyoooonpark

10. “If you scream YODA, I will be in your brain and read every secret out loud.”


Via LoganPhares

11. “E and Lucie both nervous on take off. At least E knows how to comfort her puppy. Picture taken just as we went wheels up.”

Via instajovsky

12. “Here we have a very nervous passenger.”


Via fkkchow

13. “Took my puppy on her first flight. We got bumped up to first-class and she ended up falling asleep on the lap of a beautiful stranger sitting next to me. Success!” Angels not dogs.

Via se7enx

14. “Puppy made a six-hour flight more bearable”


Via Reddit

15. “Willie’s first plane ride was traumatic for the both of us.” Aww! I wish she finds the confidence to travel again, and enjoy it.

Via jlavs0818

The dog is a very blessed creature. And you can see that from an array of things that these doggos are doing on the flight, one entirely different from another. One doggo is absolutely scared to be on the plane while the other just wants to squeeze through two airplane seats instead of jumping over them. I mean, it is the most random thing that you would expect from anyone in the world, but ultimately they almost always end up being dogs.

I hope you guys are having a great time because we’ve got many more to go. So sit back and enjoy!

16. “My boy made a friend on the flight.”


Via the-happy-medium

17. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful dog than this one.

Via EM3music

18. Peek-a-boo!


Via clolin

19. “I also met a well-behaved flyer on my flight. His name was Pablo.” Oh my god, the name suits his looks so much.

Via isaid_biiiiiiiiitch

20. “This guy sat in front of me staring out the airplane window for 5 hours and he didn’t make a sound.” Maybe cuz they can hear what we don’t hear, and he was busy looking out for those sounds.


Via PariahPartyReport

Via majorgunho

22. That doggo could buy my house in a heartbeat.


Via crystaltaotaoz

23. He looks super excited to be on that plane.

Via turnislefthome

24. Chilling in the business class.


Via lil.ollie_thecavapoo

25. “Flying to San Francisco.”

Via puny_moonmoon

26. “Did you just snap me without my consent?” *gets in position to bark*


Via freddyorchide

27. “Onboard! Ready for family vacation.”

Via aussiefossie

28. “Sitting next to the best passenger ever.” Yes, you are!


Via 3magdnim

29. For some reason, it looks like this pupper is wearing glasses. Is it just me?

Via louisvuitton_thepom

30. “For a furry passenger on the plane.”


Via WatDaPho

And that is all from air-borne doggos for the day. We hope you guys enjoyed it. I am going to assume that you did because they are dogs and you can’t tell me that you weren’t smiling scrolling through those images. Dogs are the cutest.

Hoping that this article made your day better than it was already. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below.. Have you ever traveled with a doggo on a plane? Or any animal? Share your experience.


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