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20+ Dogs And Their Owners Meeting For The First Time That Show How Important Adoption Is

What have we done to deserve dogs?

Dogs are such pure animals. All they ever want from life is just a loving, warm home and a family that they can give their unconditional love to. They are extremely loyal to their owners no matter what kind of person they are. This just shows a dog will love you regardless of how you look, how much you earn, or any other external factor. Their love is pure. When you adopt a dog, you are not only saving their life, but you are saving your own life too. A dog can turn your life around for the better, only if you are ready to take up the responsibility.


The dog will find their way into your heart. They will become a new member of your family that will stick with you through thick and thin. Meeting your new family member for the first time is always a special moment. If you capture this moment on camera, you will cherish it forever. Scroll down below to see dogs and their owners meet for the first time and let the wholesomeness take over you.

“Went To The Shelter With The Intention Of Petting The Dogs… Left With A Dog”


This doggo decided to pet the owner instead.

“Day 1”


Matt Renfro

“The Face Of A Newly Adopted Pupper”



This is what pure joy looks like.

“Adopted This Girl From The Pound. She Rode Like This The Whole Way Home”



This baby looks like she went through a lot.

“After 6 Months Of Being Depression Free, I Adopted My New Best Friend! Everyone, Meet Gilly”



Trust me, Gilly will make sure you stay depression-free.

“This Is Hope Meeting Her New Dad For The First Time. This Is Probably The Best Day Of Her Life So Far”



Surprised, and then happy!

“Who Knew A Little Rescue Mutt Become My Best Buddy?”


Jake Cleveland

The doggo isn’t afraid to express their love and gratitude.

“A Few Weeks Ago My Uncle’s Dog Died After 14 Years With Him And He’s Been So Depressed About It. “

“My Aunt Surprised Him By Taking Him To Pick Up Their New Puppy When He Thought They Were Just Going Shopping. This Is The First Picture Taken Of Them Together When They Got Back In The Car”



This is so wholeseome.

“Meeting My Girl Rosie From Paws Chicago For The First Time. I Don’t Know Who Was Happier, Her Or Me”


Allie Lucchetti

The doggo is so good at posing for the camera.

“The Day I Met My Sweet Tata For The First Time”


Nicoletta Licciardi

They were meant to be together.

“Grumpy Meets Happy For The First Time”


He won’t stay grumpy too long after this, trust me.

“All 46lbs (21kg) Wanted To Sit On My Lap On The Way Home From Being Adopted. I Love My New Best Friend”



Weight doesn’t matter when you love your best friend.

“Adopted Toffee Today! She Seemed Extra Happy”

Advertisement by UDM


This picture reminds me of that laughing fox!

“We Adopted This Pup! Think He’s Happy”



The face clearly shows how happy he is.

“Bringing My New Girl Home. I Think We Will Be Alright”


Their smiles say it all.

“Meet Luna, Our Shelter Rescue”



The boy just found his best friend for life.

“This Excited Family Just Moments After Adoption”

Lort Smith

Dancing with happiness.

“Love At First Sight… I Think She Has My Genes! Same Head!”



The pupper has such a cute little head.

“Marley Meeting Her Dada”

Megan Jordan

Marley has found paradise.

“My Friend’s Daughter And Her Valentine’s Present”



So they gifted her a tiny panda.

“When I Met My Goldendoodle Pup, Boo”


I love you so much, I’ll just eat you.

“My Shelter Holds An Annual Dog Adoption Day In A Public Park. Seeing This Lady With Her New Best Friend Made My Day”



This makes me so happy for the old lady.

Do you see all these happy faces? This is what pure joy looks like. A dog can completely turn your life around. You will never know sadness once you have your furry best friend by your side. And judging by the smiles on these people’s faces, they know everything will be good and happy now that they have found their best friend for life. Scroll down below for more wholesome doggos meeting their owners for the first time:

“Officer Montgomery Giving His New Potential Family Member Some Love”

Panhandle Animal Welfare Society

He looks like he will cry with happiness.

“Went To Rescue A Dog… Got A Bear Instead”


The bigger, the better.

“My Son Was So Excited When He Found Out What His Early Christmas Present Was”


This just made my heart melt.

“I Adopted An Old Girl. Meet Bellini”



Old doggos deserve love just as much as small puppies do.

“My Son And Our Dog 20 Minutes After We Adopted Her”



They instantly bonded.

“I Met My Best Friend Today”


Matching smiles!

“Surprised My Wife With A Cute Birthday Present”



That is a tiny bear.

“Adopted This Little Guy”


He looks like he finally found peace.

“2 Minutes After We Asked To Hold Her, This Happened. Guess She Knew She Was Safe With Us”

Sean Paeth

This is how you can tell they trust you.

“Max And Me. Got Him 2 Weeks Ago, Love My Pupper!”


“Vet Friend Brought Her By To Visit At Work. Then Said She’s Looking For A Home”

She’s so tiny!

“Our 3 Month Old Newfoundland Puppy. He Was Going To Be Euthanized For Having A Heart Defect”

Courtney Brown

This person is a lifesaver.

“My Wife Just Texted Me This From The Shelter. Looks Like We’re Adopting A Puppy”



The best text you could receive.

“This One Is Still My Favourite”

Amélie Michaud

A very special and intense moment.

“First Day Meeting My Best Friend”


What a unique looking puppy!

“Just Met This Baby Girl Today!! I Guess You Could Say It Was Love At First Sight”



A fluffball can bring so much happiness to your life.

“Got This Pup From A Rescue 2 Years Ago, I Blurred Myself So All The Attention Is On Him. Everyone Welcome Sir Benedict Blanco!”

A very creative name.

“Kodi Coming Home To A New Family 13 Years Ago”

Jerry Bushman

Sir, there is a cloud on your shoulder.

“I Rescued This Little Girl, Here She Is Today Going To Her Forever Home. Happy Pup”



Howling with excitement!

“Love At First Sight!”

Be prepared for infinite kisses!

“Doc The Aussie Shepherd”

Doc’s life just changed!

“Local Shelter Posted This Adoption Today”



You know they’ll grow up together and become the greatest of friends.

“First Trip, We Go Home!”

Hugging his new mommy!

“Straight From The SF SPCA To The Headlands To Capture The Beginning Of This Great Story”

The starting of a beautiful friendship.

Do you have a dog? What was your reaction the first time you met them? Share your stories with us in the comments below!


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