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50 Times People Had Unexpected Encounters With Dogs That Made Their Day

Dog encounters

Dogs are the best creatures nature could have blessed the living beings of planet Earth with. The feel of life gets so much better with their presence. I mean, just think about it. where would we be without them? Absolutely nowhere. These cuties support us without even knowing what an effort they are making. We should always be grateful for dogs.


I mean, just think about it. You are talking down a road minding your own business, and not really happy with the outcome of the day. That is when you suddenly spot a smiling Golden Retriever sending you all the signals in the world to pet him. That is the moment all your tension and bad vibes will go away and will get exchanged with happiness. That is the blessing of an unexpected dog encounter.

Today, we will expand on this concept and share with you guys some of the most adorable unexpected dog encounters people had. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. “When I walk my dog every day we usually see the nose on top stick his little face out of his fence in his yard as we walk by, but today we got an extra hello!”

Via Kelsey Waara

2. “These two rescue babies came into my work today I could barely function.”


Via Juli Paul

3. “Laying on a gorgeous secluded beach in Croatia, and this guy suddenly comes & cools himself down in the seawater probably the best dog spotting I’ll ever get.”


Via Katie Matthews

4. We will always find a new spot and a new way to sleep.


Via Betsy Walker

5. Ladies and gentlemen, waste no time to meet Ela the cutie. A creature any human being would want in their life.


Via Patrissia Miranda

6. “Announcement on Southwest flight: “Uh, it appears someone has lost a dog,” followed by this flight attendant and friend.”


Via Jerry Gidne

7. She was the happiest pup on the planet after finding that flower, you can see it on her face.


Via Roy Console

8. When you can’t afford a trip to Skiathos, Greece but still want to get a feel of it.


Via Catherine Hâf

9. This plane had 5 dogs and 1 cat onboard. Everyone was really happy and excited…including the animals.


Via Brittany Cekola Hamann

10. “This lovely gentleman ran a race with me this morning!!”


Via Emily Cleland

11. Sheepdogs from the Shetland Islands during their break time after working hard at their jobs.

Via Andrew Sugde

12. “My coworkers and I were pleased by sweet Ivy’s presence today at work – she’s an Aussie cross border collie. she’s saying cheese for the photo!”


Via Mary Schalken

13. Just a cutie pie trying to make everyone’s day better with its cute face.

Via Josh Aitken

14. “My airbnb in the heart of Transylvania comes with this 17-year-old cutie.”


Via Alexis Bd

15. “Me: What kind of dog is that? Dog owner: He’s a mutt – little husky, malamute, German shepherd…but mostly grey wolf.”

I was expecting he would say that the dog is everything but the Grey Wold you see before your eyes.

Via Pooja Sawhney

16. A gorgeous encounter where all parties were happy to see each other.


Via Jade Farrel

17. On the train from Oslo to Stavanger Norway, this little boy knew the person taking his picture had snacks.

Via Diana Gies

18. The cute girl came to this person’s workplace one day and he just had to take her picture.


Via Julia Alexander

19. High-five by the Himalayan peaks.

Via Eli Maddock

20. They were patiently waiting for their owner to return but then it started raining and they got a bit excited.


Via Alec Shapiro

21. Just check out the dog this person spotted on his birthday. Best birthday present ever, I would say.

Via Saem Cho

22. These are the kind of pictures that melt your heart the very instant you see them.


Via Lilla Vásárhely

23. This Dutch boy just redefined the definition of dashing.

Via Arielle Dineen

24. “Waiting to get my car serviced. This is Koko, she works the front counter and her mom’s desktop photo is also of her. 10/10 employee of the month”

Via Jennifer Ko

25. She was spotted at a Liquor store…not drinking, just there with her owner.

Via Laura Jean

These people are so lucky to have witnessed all these cute dogs. I wanted to say I am jealous but I am actually happy that they didn’t keep the encounters to themselves and actually shared them all with the whole world through the internet. We all need these encounters because stress levels in all lives are at their all-time high, and these images are making that stress look like it is nothing.

I am in love with these cuties. I could look at these images for hours upon hours and never get bored. So, let’s enjoy some more of these adorable dog encounters from all over the world. Scroll down below to continue.

26. “Very happy doggy spotted on the bullet train from Busan to Seoul. Couldn’t stop staring at me the whole way but its lovely smile made the whole journey better.”

Via Finn Goddard

27. Giant but gentle.


Via Mo Terry-Carleto

28. You can just tell he is having the time of his life.

Via Grégory Romain Murph

29. She was spotted at a bank. Maybe her first ever loan got approved and now she is ready to start her first business.


Via Juli Paul

30. He liked that someone appreciated his long snoot.

Via Snoopa Gee

31. The dog wanted to give his spotter a kiss.

Via Katie Judd

32. Would you believe this cute baby is only 10 weeks old?


Via Jocelyn Nerney

33. These cute puppies were spotted enjoying themselves while on an outing.

Via Mason Lima-jones

34. “I live in a neighborhood with a lot of dogs… But this duo is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen. New life goal.”

Via Steph Singer

35. It is a universal food joint for them all.


Via Alice Oldcorn

36. Hey, you! Come boop us.

Via Kaytlynn Banta

37. Since when did clouds start traveling via train?

Via Mitsy Harrison

38. The dog said if he ever enjoyed a bike ride, he would do it in style.


Via Dottie Charpentie

39. This is Elvis. The person who spotted him said he is a very soft dog and he would love to pet him again.

Via Jessica Lyme

40. “Blue came into my work with his mom today. Look at that beauty.”

Via Juli Paul

41. Wherever he is, he looks so bored.


Via Patrissia Miranda

42. I swear the shop window spots are the best.

Via Thomas Llewelyn Jones

43. “I had the honor of meeting this absolute fuzzball this afternoon, a beautiful and friendly 11-week-old Newfoundland. Already extremely sociable and made a rainy day stroll even better.”

Via Emma Silverstone

44. He knew he would get the most pets there. He is a strategist.


Via Christine Mallard

45. “Jake the farm hand who doesn’t know how to herd but is 100/10 the sweetest boy.”

Via Madison Grace

46. Willie is on a trip to New York from  Miami. He is loving the views as well as the pets.

Via Gail H. Klein

47. Move it, guys. You are delaying my snack time.


Via Susan Marie

48. She is at a pub. What could possibly go wrong?

Via Jen Snel

49. We are going on a shopping trip, you guys want to come along?

Via Wednesday Watson

50. This is Hudson, a good boy I met at porchfest. Doesn’t this face say “Love me”? I just wanna boop his little snoot (but I didn’t). 100/10 would scritch again.”

Via Jeannine Ameduri

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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Dog tax.

“Our “puppy” Moose has roughly half a brain cell. Personal space means nothing. The other dogs simply tolerate him.”


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