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17 Times People Got Drunk And Came Home With Hilarious Stories

Everyone is a different kind of person when they are drunk. Your actions as well as what you say after you are drunk determines your transformed alcoholic personality. One may become an overly emotional person, an angry beast, a horny dude or a love bird, it all depends on that person. However, most of the times, it turns out to be funny. We have collected hilarious drunk people’s stories with you that will make you laugh till you stomach ache, check them out.

1. Soulmate check; drinking mates

1. Destiny is real

2. Hilarious drunk person calls an uber from his home to go to ‘his home’

2. Don't worry, they called an uber.
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3. Thanks for lunch

3. Thanks for lunch.
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4. Drunk dads calls out Alexa to the rescue

4. There is no Alexa, only Zuul.

5. Drunk man accidentally buys 100 hats for his frog..

5. Drunk Shopping has its positives.
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6. Its 53′ o clock.

6. Late ASF
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7. Drunk self-notes be like


8. Legit content

8. Wholesome
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9. Drunk girl eats the paper too

9. That hashbrown had a nice crunch.
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10. Rule no. 1 of drinking: Keep your ex away

10. Community.

11. Wasted pal adopts a kangaroo and forgets..

11. Congratulations
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12. Wholesome

12. When you trade Jordans for bowling shoes.
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13. You’re a disgrace

13. Real Talk

14. Drunk pal’s note offers himself vodka after hangover, yes, again..

14. Cheers.
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15. Drunken emotional melodrama

15. Not her burger!

16. Answering yourself while drunk be like..

16. A thrilling conversation
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17. Now that’s more comfortable

17. Excuse me, that's brilliant.
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I can’t stop laughing after reading these, I bet you too! Aren’t humans the craziest once they loose themselves? It all reflects the multiple personalities we as humans acquire. The last story was quite hilarious and bizarre at the same time, yet we all enjoyed it. Let us know if you have ever done some crazy act whilst you were drunk. Some funny stories would be coming our way.

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