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Husband Asks If He’s Wrong For Not Going To Ex-wife’s New Year Celebration

Real life is messy, and real life is complicated. This user, who made a throwaway account to vent some really heavy frustrations, came to the AITA reddit to ask a question about his outburst. He lays out his story, which is gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and saddening. And truth be told, I’m actually siding with him on all counts, even the parts that a lot of people disagreed with.


I won’t summarise what he said, because it’d take away from the point of what he’s doing. Read it down yourself, but his brutal honesty about his actions and the way he’s messily explaining everything is true to the kind of chaos and havoc someone like him is going through. There are things he says and does that are explicitly wrong, but he’s not TA for it, and we can argue about it!

Source: Reddit

#1 That’s a lot to unpack here.


#2 Talk about kicking a man when he’s down.


#3 Take a hint.


One user commented:

NTA. Your hurt is valid. Not wanting to be around your ex and Kat is valid. But it sounds like your anger is eating you up inside. Who cares really whether it’s directed toward your ex and Kat (I have a feeling they’ll be okay), but I’d be worried about your relationship with your daughters. I hope you are already seeing a therapist or are planning to soon, and I hope you find some peace.

Another gave their opinion:

If there weren’t innocent children involved, sure, tell them to get lost and cut all contact with them, what they did sucks and they hurt him deeply.

Now the thing is that unless he wants to abandon his daughters and have no relationship with them at all, he will have to get over it.

It’s a fact of life, both him and his ex are bounded for life. If kids have health issues they have to talk about it. School problems, parents teacher meetings, birthdays, holidays. They may lose contact when kids reach 18, but don’t count on that either. Graduations, weddings, birthdays, grandchildren. He will see his ex. And he will see Kat too.

I understand his pain but he should start therapy ASAP, unless he plans to cut contact with his kids too.

What do you think? It’s messy, so tell us your thoughts down below.


What do you think?