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50 Fascinating Pics Of Rarely Seen That Prove World Is Full Of Mysteries

The world is full of mysteries. 

And not all the mysteries have yet revealed an answer. After all, nature is a beautiful thing but it can be quite indifferent towards its inhabitants. Nature doesn’t have empathy or anything of that sort. It isn’t evil nor is it good. It is just doing its job and sometimes that can result in a half-male and half-female butterfly. So if you like to read about weird facts and see majestic pictures, this list might the perfect thing for you.


We have compiled some of the best and most unique things this world has discovered and put them in one place for your enjoyment. Not only will you find dragon bones here, but also ice that looks like glass shards. Some of these pictures look almost unbelievable like they are from a different species or planet altogether. But I assure you, this is all real. So if you are ready to see some colorful bees, just scroll below to take a look.

#1 This is actually a nursing home with a movie theatre and a pub.

Via ParzivalsQues

#2 Granules of sand under a microscope.

Via Gary Greenberg

#3 No black in this rare bee.

Via EliteDangerous72

#4 The snail with a reflective shell.


#5 That is not goo, but ice formed around a rock.

Via Елена Вторушина

#6 Those eyes are not photoshopped.

Via butterfly

#7 This blind kitty has the galaxy in her eyes.

Via DemonreachDaycare

#8 Circular typewriter used for writing music.

Via Mass1m01973

#9 A transparent butterfly.

Via neighma

#10 The sun under a UV lens.

Via Nathalia Alzate / SDO

#11 A blue bee.

#12 Tulips growing in the snow.

Via starstufft

#13 This is not a plant but a species that can photosynthesize.

Via Patrick J. Krug

#14 The horse didn’t use a curling iron.


#15 How a blizzard can envelop a house in the snow.

Via insanezane777

#16 Another nursing home.

Via BunyipPouch

#17 The biggest dragon bone ever found.

Via Georges Gobet

#18 That is a natural shower in a cave.

Via Bandolerow

#19 A half female and half male butterfly.

Via 9w_lf9

#20 A high definition picture of pluto.

Via Johns Hopkins University/APL

#21 The tiniest frog you have ever seen.

Via look-a-lurker

#22 A half-male and half-female lobster.

Via King_Toad

#23 A beehive seen through the lens of a time-lapse.

Via Subtle_Omega

#24 A clear fish.

Via Subtle_Omega

Apparently, this fish is clear because it doesn’t have any other defences from predators. And since it is clear it can blend in the water and camouflage itself. It also only eats small organic material and soaks up the sun since it is always closer to the surface. It is known as a Salpa Maggiore. They have jelly-like bodies and they move by straining the water through their bodies since they don’t have proper fins.

#25 This blue jay still has half of its baby feathers.

Via CanadianGrown

#26 The biggest sunflower you will ever see.

Via Verryfastdoggo

#27 A rainbow pool.

Via brentenross

#28 Dinasour eggs encased in stone.

Via CryoBanksy

#29 Whales femur bone.

Via buen viaje

#30 A purple grasshopper.

Via prnlc

#31 Sunflower that has two colors.

Via VonClawde

#32 A pure white buck.

Via eru_dite

#33 Apparently blue bananas taste like vanilla ice cream.

#34 A person with six fingers on each hand.

Via Designer_Drugz

#35 How a leg looks after running a marathon.

Via janibrajkovic

#36 The biggest single cell in the world.

#37 Another clear fish.

Via beesbuzzlots

#38 That square is a field of cannabis.

Via Ryanoo0

#39 A rock that is older than the earth itself.

Via bpoag

#40 This cloud is shaped like a ribbon.

Via LordofHares

#41 Lightning in the shape of trees.

Via RomeoEightJuliet

#42 These are naturally formed crystal caves.

Via ZayOnline

#43 Ice that looks like glass shards.

#44 Several mutated daises.

Via SuperBlowball

#45 The smallest baby to ever survive.

Via Kriss0612

#46 A microscopic look at an ant’s face.

Via Sumit316

#47 This is what Jupiter looks like.


#48 Nails stopping and growing after every chemo.

Via mayyonnaise

#49 A dinosaur footprint.

Via kt0me

#50 Australian wildfires caught on camera.

Via hypersonicelf

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