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24 Funny Tweets From Women That Will Make You Take A Little Break From All The Responsibilities

Stress has been paying way too many visits to humans these days.

According to my parents, daily tasks didn’t use to drain them as much as we get exhausted by completing ours. Maybe we conduct more tasks per day or maybe our overall capacity to stay active has decreased. And I wouldn’t blame any human if this is the case but would certainly take my anger out on the world conditions.

I don’t think I would be wrong to say absolutely nothing is going right for anyone on this planet currently. People are stressed out about how much effort they put into ripe so little. So many economies are facing tough times and some have even defaulted. A global recession is soon expected to arrive, we’ve got bad bosses underpaying their best employees, global warming is going to kill our planet and all those living on it, nothing is going right and no one knows what to do but to be stressed about it.

Stuck under the mountain of responsibilities that you have to honor every single day of your life, today is the day you give rest to those shoulders, sit back, relax, exhale out all the stress, and then which this hilarious compilation of tweets shared by women from around the globe.

Scroll down below for some proper laughter therapy.

1. Why is this so freaking accurate?

Source: Addison_Peacock

2. That’s why I am known in my family for drinking too much coffee. How do I tell them it is a coping mechanism and nothing more than that?


Source: House_Feminist

3. I have been in this situation before, you instantly lose all the love for karaoke you had because it just embarrassed you in front of everyone.


Source: isabelzawtun

4. You only see and use them once, and then they are never to be found again. What remains is just a sweet memory.


Source: ItsSamG

5. They are already supposed to know at the back.


Source: Lee_Carrie

6. If you think about as much as there is love in a relationship, there also exists an equal amount of hypocrisy.


Source: princesscryanna

7. That’s just how it is. I know a few women who have already started on this.


Source: isabelzawtun

8. So much for that bilingualism.


Source: arelygabriela_

9. I am too lazy to do that.


Source: charstarlene

10. I personally have seen very less women who pulled off bangs and have seen way too many women who have looked like something terrible happen. So you have to commend the perfectionists.


Source: mommajessiec

11. They always suggest to you the exact opposite of you what you want to watch.

Source: karencheee

12. Women who only wear oversized t-shirts:


Source: mollieavesonn

This is some elite-level content over here. I am absolutely loving these tweets and they are fully achieving their purpose in terms of removing all my stress away. It’s good to ease up sometimes and enjoy funny tweets. I know you’ve been making way too much effort these days so it shouldn’t hurt anyone if you give yourself some me time because self-care is extremely important to stay active and efficient.

13. You won’t ever come across a dumber decision.

Source: zedonarrival

14. Back right off when this happens.


Source: cavaticat

15. The place changes but the jam never stops.

Source: mommajessiec

16. Should send “so cute!” for the bants!


Source: corintellectual

17. Airport has its own law and it’s a lawless law.

Source: alyssalimp

18. Gatorade just changed for me.


Source: samlymatters

19. I hope that day never comes because that animal will have a lot of questions in its mind.

Source: laurajlovette

20. If I was Hailey Bieber, I would’ve told my husband his whole music career sucks.


Source: alyssa_schoener

21. This was something beyond the love that shouldn’t be practiced again.

Source: alyssa_schoener

22. Quite a few times actually.


Source: aubreybell

23. I swear it will give me a heart attack one day.

Source: iz_xoa

24. I don’t think anyone saw this coming, I am in splits.


Source: _CakeBawse

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. The idea was to get a kick out of you guys just so you could temporarily escape all your responsibilities and had a nice laugh.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Stay tuned for more!

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