Guy Hilariously Trolls People On FB By Pretending To Be Customer Service

Trolling will forever be fun.

We may have advanced in the field of entertainment, but nothing beats the good ol’ internet trolls. There’s just something oddly satfisfying about pissing people off while they can’t physically touch you. That is, of course, unless they track you down themselves and beat you into a plup. But, otherwise it is 100% pure entertainment.


No doubt, prank calls are fun. But, people don’t always record them. On the other hand, you can share these internet trolls with you friends and relive the epic moment over and over again. So, hold on tight because we are about to show you a legendary guy who trolled customers of various companies by pretending to be their customer care representative.

While impersonation can get you in trouble, it can, however, be a lot of fun if done right. Scroll on below and check out what this guy did.

Customer care representatives in a nutshell.

Why so cheap, bro?

Quick reality check.

It’s funny how it actually rhymes.


Imagine McDonald’s actually saying that to you.

A lot of people might think that trolling is so 2010 and that the only thing in trend these days are the memes. The truth is, as long as we have the internet, trolling will never go out of fashion. In fact, a good portion of our daily memes are basically just posts that trigger people . Not to mention, we still have discussion groups like Reddit and Tumblr where people just roast everyone.

Not the balls you want…but the balls you need.

It’s absolutely brilliant the way he changes his profile picture every time. It’s so convincing.

I’m done!

I love this guy.

Dammit, Linda!

That’s one serious burn…

This guy has definitely outdone himself. Which one of these trolls did you love the most? Let us know in the comments below and also share this masterpiece with your friends.


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